Muv-Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse episode 7: Caught in a boring situation



If this keeps up, I’ll be only watching the first 3 minutes of the show for the awesome Opening and I will stop the video right after, I won’t be missing anything anyway. After all, everyone is still stuck on the island for most of the episode and very few things happens. This little love triangle isn’t even one. Turns out that Cryska isn’t even interested in Bridges at all, she only wants to protect her little sister and know why Inia has such a crush on Bridges. On the other hand Takamura wants Bridges really bad and I have a feeling that since they are both tsundere that none of them will end up in the arm of the other any time soon.

Takamura might have fought in the battle to save Japan, but she has no clue how to show and handle romantic emotions. She is jealous and she wants to fuck her student even though the student hates her for being Japanese. Now here is the fun part about all this. I don’t give a flying crap about all this bullshit. I wanted to watch this show for boobs and mecha, I was greeted with awesomeness and drama and now all I see is pointless harem and beach episodes. Even on the ecchi side the closest thing we got to nudity or eroticism this episode was when Bridges grabbed Cryska, but that was more worthy of a shoujo than a ecchi. Why the hell would this show start so good to end so horribly, I have no idea. But I know that it is not with joy and enthusiasm that I will be watching the rest of the show.

On a brighter note, Cryska was really cute when she was protective of Inia during the photo shoot and all the photographers looked really perverted and horny. It was a little disturbing, but at least Cryska wasn’t afraid to show her body. Meanwhile the tough leader Takamura who is supposed to be a badass was shying away from everyone and had to take all her courage to reveal her swimsuit. She wasn’t naked or in something especially revealing, she was in her swimsuit !

There is so much wrong with this show and so little good, I just hope that at least the ending will make up for the terrible stuff we have to endure right now.

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