Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!! (Love Revo!!) Ichinose Ren route / not another blonde otome tsundere

Enter the ‘object of desire’ prince on a white horse ultra rich hunky ‘Ichinose Ren’ who was my first choice in this game.


He is the hardest %$&^&%*^ to get in this game BE WARNED! FHKDJHFKDUHFDSKLJFH (sans maybe onii-chan)




This game is the most evil thing I have ever played and it needs to die but also I like it so I don’t know IT’S NOT LIKE I LIKE YOU GAME. This game features alot of really interesting topics, and I…I had to beat it. It crushed my soul though.

This game is Nintendo hard. I had so much frustration over this game! It all started when I saw that an english translation patch was released. Now being me, I don’t like to buy games any way but legal because I feel like an ultra douche. This game though….is not even in America. And if it ever comes I’m going to destroy it BUT ONLY AFTER COMPLETING IT BECAUSE IT’S WORTHLESS TO ME ANYWAY #tsundereoki

– oki in the beginning of this painful process


Ren was my first choice for a reason. You see, this games idea offended me at first. Who makes a game about losing weight to appeal to guys? And I could only see the appeal in one guy….the asshole who insulted your personality because of your looks. I was determined to show him. You see, I think of Ichinose Ren differently than you might think. I genuinely believe that showing him up was like Hitomi being able to conquer her lazy stubborn ideas about herself and become someone she liked more. The other guys insulted her weight, Ren insulted her personality and self control. He was the most hurtful. But at the same time, when you show results, he is awkwardly humble.

Basically to me, everyone else needed to be proven wrong by her weight. Ichinose needed to be proven wrong by her will. Of course he’s an asshole and he requires you to lose a ton of weight, but it’s to prove your self control. He acknowledges you and admires that you never give up even when you stumble and fall. If this was a normal Otome game Ren’s character would be pretty standard. But it’s better in this game, really. His scalding hurtful remarks really invert themselves as soon as he notices, hey, this girl is not some lazy slob. She is a genuinely good person who just needed to find the courage to better herself.

That being said, you just won’t find me saying much bad about Ichinose. I found his ending cute and his keyword ending is also cute (looking for his keywords? Well I’ll give you a hint, the final one is ‘title’) He is not exactly my favorite, he’s third behind Ryutaro and Takashi, but he’s a very good character in the game and I feel his romance definitely feels like that little hint of satisfaction knowing you went from someone with no self control to someone who made even Ichinose believe in you. That being said his stats are a real bitch. You have to get 81 in so many stats it’s not funny, and if you don’t have your social studies up essentially first you’ll miss out on events that you qualify for, only seeing half of them.

I’m being nice here because I got the hang of the game….but it caused me a lot of sorrow. You need exactly the right amount of stats, you need to constantly save and reload in order to make him accept dates, the ding lies and sometimes isn’t even there, the list goes on and on. And do you know how long a playthrough takes in this game? I beat most otome games in full before I can come close to beating one route in this game. Ren was the toughest and I did him first, with essentially no help, and my tears were many. You have to customize your plans for the week 3 days at a time and you can seldom repeat them the same way for a lengthy period. Hitomi’s crash diet will be the end of me before it’s the end of her!

But in the end, it was mostly worth it. The only reason Ren won’t be getting a higher score from me? Freaking keyword scene is just him, and not Hitomi with him. Lame. I got my fill of just seeing guys look hot. I want to see them look hot WITH the main girl.

All in all? Play this route- you won’t regret it! Mostly. The feeling of satisfaction brought to me by Ren admitting he fell in love with me because of my determination… all the feels. ALL OF THEM

Oki’s Uber Otome Awesome Rating: 8.5/10



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