Recruiting Writers!!!

Recruiting Writers!!!

Recruiting for the Fall 2012 Season will end on September 15th, please submit your applications before then otherwise you may have to wait till the Winter 2013.

3 – 4 Slots are Open!!!

Why Join Angry Anime Bitches?
Angry Anime Bitches is closing in on its second year, and we are now getting a wonderful amount of readers that only keeps on increasing. With you participating, you get to experience the exciting development of new traffic and people dropping by to comment!
You also don’t have to worry about constantly modifying the blog or anything of the sort. All you got to do is focus on writing, how awesome is that?
What are we looking for?
Dedication, Motivation and Passion for Anime
People who do not have any of the above are not fit to write with us on the blog. I do not have patience for people who are falling behind more than two weeks, and you are expected to stick to schedule. If you’re sick, if you’re going on vacation or if you have an exam, inform us within 48 hours beforehand or earlier.
In short, as soon as you make a commitment, I expect you to follow through till the season ends.
Applying as a Writer:
I am looking for people who have decent writing skills. I am not expecting formal essay format, vocabulary and all that stuff. It’s all about pouring your emotions and stating your impression about the episode. Write us a sample draft of how would you write up an entry. This way, we can see what your writing style is.
This must be written in Word Document and titled as SUBJECT (below) and your Nickname. This will be attached to the email. If not, it will immediately go into the trash bin.
–       SUBJECT: Applying as a Writer for AngryAnimeBitches
–       REASON: State the reason why you would like to join our team
–       EXPERIENCE: How long have you been watching anime? Have you blogged before? What got you interested into this, etc…
–       SAMPLE: A sample draft of how you would write an entry. It may be any anime of your choice (Make sure it’s only about a specific episode, not the entire series).

How will I know if I made it into the team?
Depending on how many applications we get, we will try to email you back whether you made it or not within a week’s notice. If there aren’t enough to consider it may be slightly longer, and we will notify you on the day we decide to make the announcement.
Remember if you don’t make it the first time, you can always try again when we are recruiting. First come first serve will only happen if we are satisfied with your application. If not, it won’t change anything whether you were the first person to email us.
*If you apply while we are FULL, your application will be put on hold (you will be notified this) and you will receive some feedback as soon as we are recruiting again. Note that we may not contact you about whether you made it or not for at least two weeks after we announced we are looking for writers.

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