Touhou Musou Kakyou ~ A Summer’s Day Dream Episode 2


When Marisa finds Patchouli’s book that went missing in the incident, Patchouli starts to realize something about the thefts, despite Reimu and Remilia not being able to find any connection between the items. Over at Hakugyokorou, Youmu goes to check on some watermelon cooling by the river after finding out that Yuyuko ate all the food for the banquet later, and finds Tewi making off with it in order to use it as dessert for Eientei. Running into Reisen, she gives her the watermelon before making her escape, forcing Reisen to fight Youmu in a sunflower field.


Oh man, I thought this episode would never come out! It seemed like the project had died or something – it’s been what, 4 years since we heard anything from this doujin anime? And being a huge Touhou fan (I have figures of Reimu and Yukari) I’m pleased that we’re finally getting a continuation. Pictures are low-quality, but the video was a rip from the C82 release, so there’s not much to be done about that.

It’s a pretty absurd plot point to have someone make off with Reimu’s donation box, especially when she’s forever poor and I’m certain there’s nothing in it apart from a few coins she put in herself xD Perhaps Marisa and Patchouli are slightly closer to revealing the mystery, since Patchouli’s missing book suspiciously turned up, and now she’s formed a theory on what’s going on. It’s their little secret though – knock yourself out, PachuMari fans. Anyway, a lost item turning up usually means that it was only ever hidden, and I can think of a certain gap youkai that spends her free time doing that kind of thing. It would be kind of boring if it did turn out to be Yukari, but at the same time we need to see more of her, since she’s only turned up in the OP and to narrate the preview so far.

Other than the SDM and Hakurei Shrine, we saw two new places animated today – Hakugyokorou and Eientei. Touhou references were shamelessly stuck everywhere, like Yuyuko eating food, moon rabbits pounding mochi or Kaguya holding a video game controller (and wearing pyjamas to boot). There was also lots more of the surprisingly excellent voice acting from this doujin production, though I wasn’t such a fan of Youmu’s voice in particular. Artwork did lack quality, but Reisen still looked delicious despite that, as did her Lunatic Red Eyes. Poor Youmu’s going to have some trouble with that (admittedly I found Youmu harder than Reisen in the games, what with Imperishable Night being harder than PCB and all).  We seem to be diverting off the actual incident and exploring other events happening at the same time, but if it’s interesting then I don’t mind all that much – with a Touhou anime, beggars can’t be choosers.

  • Suika finally got remembered after 4 years LMAO xDD
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