Phi Brain: Puzzle of God II Episode 25 [FINAL]: The Promise

“Puzzle time, starts now!” – Kaito’s friends


Freeceel has succeeded on luring Kaito into his Ultimate Puzzle which he calls God’s Puzzle. With his intention to have a puzzle time with Kaito, they started the battle and it ended up Kaito, activated being the child of a Phi Brain. Both began to continue running in the God’s Puzzle and ended up in a loop of laps.

With this, the conclusion on having puzzle time together by Freecell was something not just about solving a puzzle together but doing a puzzle together forever; in never ending loops.


Sooooooooooooooo! We are now down to the last episode. I made a mistake on previews episode impressions. I thought this series would have 26 episodes so please forgive me about that. But it’s okay! This is not yet the end of Phi Brain. I knew something else is coming for this series (although it is a bit much exaggerated). But before anything else… let us talk about Kaito’s brain!

Yes, as much as screen shots have gave you an idea, Kaito reached his peak of being a Phi Brain while doing the puzzle together with Freecell. Not only that, he has managed to push his brain to the limit like he was before on the first season where his right eye is the one that glowing red instead of the left that the replica ring had made him. Well, it’s not being biased against the replica but I like Kaito having his right eye glowing instead of his left. Haha Plus, I don’t think this level was just the ring glowing gold but like Freecell’s was at that time, I think he’s on the same level as him having the ring glow on dark violet. This resulted for the lopping chase in the puzzle.

So about the puzzle: It has a simple mechanics. Kaito just needs to catch Freecell on the puzzle but only with a little twist, of course. 😛 The two panels on which Kaito and Freecell both are in each, are facing each other but they both have to imagine that both panels are overlapping in each other in a mirror effect thus creating a little confusion for both players. Not only that, they won’t be seeing anything aside from the colors which indicates the direction of the opponents movements.

Honestly, it was a good puzzle but it was too exaggerated looking for its purpose/mechanics. Haha Still, it was a suitable puzzle for what Freecell originally wanted. Still the design can still be minimized. Haha

You know, no matter how much I want to see both Kaito and Freecell’s relationship together, it can never be on the level of Kaito and Rook but they had something that no one from Kaito’s friends could have. But the last episode, again, proves that Nonoha is still number one for Kaito. He only responds to Nonoha’s voice whenever he is on brain peak. Still there is something about Freecell and Kaito’s relationship. It must have been because of the promise he made when they were kids. Even though Kaito’s character has his faults concerning Freecell (must the effect of less interaction with them together at the beginning) it was a good character to still would keep to a promise he even forgotten once.

I’m not sure if it was the fansubbers but what Rook said about “He is my Kaito” would make me go fangirling. XD

The ending was an obvious thing to happen. Kaito manage to win over Freecell and of course, it turned out that Freecell became blank just like what happened to Jin on the first season (the one who fought Pythagoras on a God’s Puzzle to get the treasure). But because of the help of Nonoha and Kaito, they were able to return Freecell back to normal and so Hoist became very pissed.

The issue against the Orpheus Order ended but Hoist is still alive and is planning on something, obviously, as revenge and for the success of his own plans. Come to think of it, Freecell didn’t expose Hoist’s plans yet on this season.

The next season will be coming out next year, 2013. So more puzzles to solve, I guess! 😀

Overall Impression:

Plot: 10/10 (You don’t get puzzle-oriented series like this)

Flow of Story: 9/10

Animation: 9/10 (Sunrise kept their usual animation style but you can’t deny they had some derpy scenes XD)

Character Development: 10/10 (This includes the relationship that was built with each characters as well)

Music and Sounds: 10/10

Overall Rate: 9.5/10

You have no idea how hanged I was from the first season after watching the after episode scenes. I thought, “OMG This is the end?!” then boom! The second season is there! So basically the whole thing about the Orpheus Order was so sudden after the fight with POG. But without it, there wouldn’t be a second season. Although the whole plot was very interesting, the only problem was Freecell’s way of thinking and yes, we can blame the rings for it so I guess it was a really nice plan for a second season. Not only that, there’s more enemies for Kaito and the party.

The flow of story was a bit off with all of those cliffhanger and stuff. I know cliffhangers plays important roles in a series but this one overpowered the series with cliffhangers and holes. Well, it would be understandable for it to have a next season.

The character were well played although unlike the first season, they focused less on Kaito’s friends but since the whole thing about the second season was about the Orpheus Order, each character had faced their own trials and we got to know them as episodes went by. And that the connections between their members are not fake. They did care for each other which were the great thing about it. Even though they were the bad people of the season, they were actually done well, imo. Not only that but each members of the Order built unbelievable relationship with Kaito’s friends and POG as well. “Yesterday’s enemy is today’s friend” after all and I like how everyone had worked hard altogether. 😀

For the series to be an original series by Sunrise, I have to love it more than those which I was already familiar with. The thing about original series is that, you are not spoiled; you get a lot of unexpected events and of course, make you more interested for the series itself. Given that Phi Brain had a really unique plot which was about puzzle and logic, plus it had a good essence of character development (especially Kaito for this season where he breaks and stood up again), you can never regret watching another episode.

Music-wise I have no complaints at all. Not to mention my favorite singer, Nano, and my favorite music-producer, Develish-P, making a song together for the opening song, “Now or Never” has made everything really good. The ending song, “Supper Step” by Ammoflight is also good. The beat of Supper Step is really unique as well. Background music was excellent. My favorite was the Mexican-like BG music when things get really tight for the main characters.

Now I’m excited for its third season. <3

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