Cosplay Mania 2012 – Linzz’s Report

CosMania Cover Image
From left to right: KANAME, A popular blogger (who I forgot), Jesuke & Reika; on stage at the announcement of winners for the Cosplay Project Solo Competition.

Few Notes: Cosplay Mania is an annual big cosplay event here in our country, Philippines. It is proudly brought to you by Cosplay.PH and with its partners & sponsors.

Cosplay Mania 2012 was a two-day event held on September 29-30, 2012. This is also its third year of celebrating an annual event which they started back from 2008. The best selling of this event was not only it is an event for all cosplayers and non-cosplayers to enjoy and bond together, but as a big event that would even make your legs ache in all the activities they have prepared for this two-day event!

As one of the big cosplay events in our country, they have prepared an even better people as their judges whereas, the ever popular cosplayers, Reika and KANAME☆, visited the Philippines to be the special guests for the said event.

Even though there are two days, let me make it short by summarizing all the interesting things that have happened throughout the event.

How can this be considered as one of the big cosplay events in the Philippines? Cosplay Mania has this annual cosplay contest called, Tournament of Champions (or TORCH for short and is now on its Third Impact / Third Year), where every cosplayer of the country competes in every leg held in different places around the country and the winners will compete in the Grand Finals (which was on the second day of CosMania 12). The winner of the grand finals will be the representative of the Philippines in a cosplay competition to be held in AFA @ Singapore. This is the most anticipated event in the whole CosMania since our country is the defending champion during the AFA Cosplay Competition last year and is planning to defend the title this year. Thus, this is where Reika and KANAME☆ are needed to be the judges for the said competition.

Cosplay Mania 2012
Image taken outside the convention halls where the actual event was happening. Shows that there are a lot of people who went to the event that even the outside had this much people.

When we speak about how many cosplayers are there in the Philippines, I would say, “A LOT!” it was reported at Interaksyon that about 15,000 cosplayers and coplaying enthusiast attended the said event at SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia. The outside of the convention Halls were packed of people. The entrance was almost full of people and lines for the tickets almost never disappeared the entire day. The exhibit area and the stage area were never almost empty! And when I thought the traffic never existed with people alone! There are a lot of amazing cosplays and cosplayers that was there and too bad we didn’t have a better camera to show you in this post (but there are better quality pictures from other attendees, for sure). XD

Reika Meet & Greet
Reika, during her meet and greet session before the actual event started.

So, let us talk about Reika-san, who was one of the special guests of the said event and judged the different cosplay competitions that were held in both days. Of course, to answer the calls of fans, there was a Meet & Greet session for her and only available to limited people who have their hands into the premium passes. We were able to talk to Reika, ignoring the language barrier between Filipinos and the Japanese cosplayer (a translator was provided for her, of course), she was able to give a little performance for her fans and even took a picture of us and herself to share for her other fans as well. I’ll tell you, my money was worth it! Got to meet, greet and hug her during her session and I am very happy about it! Not only she’s beautiful, she’s also so kind and so thoughtful to her fans.

And when I mean she’s so thoughtful to her fans, she just is! During her session, she was really into giving it her all on giving us so much fan service. During her performance on the second day, she sang one song from Uta no Prince-Sama as she cosplayed Tokiya. Every fans loved her especially she has a really beautiful singing voice. Her interaction with her fans was also amazing and to think that she was so nervous about the whole event!

Reika on stage
Photo of Reika who went back to shake hands with her fans.

And when she was about to exit the stage after the awarding ceremony during the first day, she seriously went back to her fans and offered a hand shake. Jesuke, one of the special guests as well, went back at her to help her out and was, obviously, afraid if Reika will be pulled down the stage which can cause injury to the cosplayer. It was such a cute scene and every fan loved it so!

Kaname meet and greet
KANAME, during his meet and greet session.

KANAME☆, of course, also had his own Meet & Greet Session. Although unlike as to Reika’s, the number of premium passes for the second day was increased because of the demands of his fans. Normally, premium passes for each day was only a quantity of 100 but on KANAME☆’s session, it was increased by 50 so the meeting room (where the sessions were held) was packed and there were some fans that end up standing and sitting on the floor during the whole time. Same with Reika’s session, we were able to talk to him and asked a few questions. Although I did expect him to give us a small singing presentation but he didn’t since the session started late as scheduled; even the autograph signing, picture taking and the handshake was rushed just to keep the schedule on track. Although her small fanservice of speaking Tagalog (PH Language) was cute. We didn’t give much complaints since Reika’s performance, at that time, was about to start in a couple of minutes. Plus, his security was so stricter than Reika’s during the first day so the fans didn’t get to do much during the whole session.

He had his own performance for everyone as well. It was on the first day, when he cosplayed the male version of Black Rock Shooter. I thought he would actually give a song performance but I was a little disappointed and when I thought she won’t, Reika gave us one. XD

KANAME Photo Bobming
KANAME, trying to get into a perfect timing to join the photo bombing contest.

KANAME is a jolly kind of person and it must be because of his tight security that he wasn’t able to act like he wanted; he wasn’t able to give her fans the fan service that they deserve for the event. But of course, he joined the Photo Bombing Contest unexpectedly which drove everyone in laughter as he was so good at it! It was also said that he gave a little surprise at the end of the event on its second day (where we are already probably home XD).

Jesuke, also one of the special guests were also one of the judges for the cosplay competitions that were held for the event. She was not that popular like Reika and KANAME but she’s as kind as an angel as well. Well, if I could be asked, she must have been very thankful for not being as popular as the other two since she can actually roam around the exhibit area and buy stuff with no problems with the people around her; like as much as I would say to Vio (also a special guest of the event) as well. XD

Alodia, Philippines’ Goddess of Cosplay, was also there during the second day to help Animax‘s booth, having her Meet & Greet as well and also to advertise the new upcoming anime, K.

During the big event, there were a lot of activities that enumerating and talking about them in this post will only make this longer than I would originally wanted (well, it is so even if I won’t). There were food-eating contest, some minor individual cosplay contests, Gundam assembly contest, auction, costume creation contest, and other minor games that were held for all the attendees to enjoy! I would have wanted to join the food-eating contest but it’s pretty hard since we have to use chop sticks which we seldom do. XD

Cosplay Mania 2012
Sir Pablo Bairan,’s President, introducing the affiliates of Cosplay Mania that helped for the success of the event on stage.

Of course, Cosplay Mania was never going to happen without the people who have helped in order for this big event to be successful. And the most important person above all, is the Cosplay.PH’s President, Pablo Bairan as he also cosplayed Bat Man (which he calls it Back Man instead XD) during the second day. I think he was the announcer during the first day and hid behind the stacks of speakers. LOL He also gave his message of thanks to all the people who supported for Cosplay Mania’s success.

As an anime/game fan myself, I wasn’t able to recognize some of the characters that were cosplayed by different people. Although I did meet some familiar people throughout the event and some familiar faces that I often see on facebook which was a little interesting on my part. Also, this event was also been highlighted by Yahoo! Philippines as well.

The two-day event was really awesome, I could write more about it if I want to but it would be REALLY long so I’ll be ending it here. XD I’m also planning on attending Cosplay Mania next year and hopefully, I would be able to!


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PS: Sorry for the blurry photos! /shot

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