Goodsmile Company's Nendoroid Fate Stay Night Saber Lily

Today’s Nendoroid entry will be devoted to our precious, adorable, perfect Saber Lily nendoroid! I’ve just received her a few days ago in the mail and boy, I’m so happy that she was re-released (originally came out back in October 2009). She is one of the nendoroids where that I feel really lucky for having the opportunity to add her to my collection, especially since I’ve only started seriously collecting them as of this year.

I’m a huge fan of Saber Lily’s character design. While that may be a half-ass reason because I never had the opportunity to see her true nature in the game or any sort, I still think it’s okay to appreciate the character designs.

I love her dress, with such elegance topped with the armor and that her ponytail held up with a bow is a precious touch. What I love about Saber Lily is that looks like a stunning princess who has attitude and is ready to kick her opponent ass.

My personal favorite expression is this adorable pout with a tinge of a blush. The four accessories/equipment that were included Excalibur, Avalon and Caliburn and their scabbards are also included. I really love how you can put the swords in their scabbards as well.

Nendoroid Saber Lily is still available at HobbySearch, CDJapan and AmiAmi (apparently only in Japan though). Don’t miss out the opportunity of her re-release! There’s no telling whether this chance will arise again in the future! If you love Saber Lily, she is absolutely worth your investment.

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