Goodsmile's Kuroyukihime Nendoroid

I did mention that I would  consider doing some entries on figures, so I’ll be kicking this off with Accel World’s Kuroyukihime nendoroid by GoodSmile Company was released a few days ago.

Yeahhh it seems my desk is never tidy when I take pictures on it XD

She has finally arrived and so I’m just going to do a cute little entry about her. Apologizes in advance for the crappy pictures, at this hour I have horrendous lighting so it’s not that great. I took a few pics before I changed her up and put her wings. No I’m not going to put her together in all the poses she can do, mostly because uhhhh, I’m really… REALLY BAD at putting figmas and nendoroids together to the point I actually minorly damage them a bit. OTL|||| (Typically scratches or getting pieces stuck to the point they can’t be removed…) *STARES AT Princess of the Crystal Figma* ... I was going to do an entry on her yesterday, but it’s almost pitiful how pathetic I was to setting her up. Right now she looks like she’s singing, here I’ll share you one snap shot.

BACK ON TOPIC: So here is our adorablllleeee Kuroyukihime Nendoroid!

The minute I saw her, I instantly pre-ordered her. I’m not going to lie, her umbrella is the biggest charm of all (Sorry Haru, though you’re cute, the umbrella won me over). You have two umbrellas, one closed and one open, but today I decided to change her face to her cheerful mile and add her gorgeous wings.

She comes with quite a bit of pieces, mostly arms, but it gives you a heck lot more options. She is able to hold the umbrella up, hug Haru, have her arms outstretched, and have hands on hips. Haru comes in two pieces, but his head can be removed. :3 His head doesn’t go all the way down, but you don’t notice it *points in the above picture* with the angle he’s positioned in.

And she comes with two extra faces, I’m very eager to switch to her pout, it’s just too adorable!!!

Here’s the wings put on her, take a look at the back~. Goregeous aren’t they?

I pushed in the hair very carefully again after I finished taking the photos. So you actually don’t see the crack (I was being extremely cautious due to my past errors as mentioned in the above)

I am absolutely THRILLED that she doesn’t need a stand whatsoever to support her. Wings or without wings, her dress alone does the job.
Goodsmile’s Kuroyukihime Nendoroid was absolutely worth adding to my collection. I love her more than the figma version (Max Factory) and the current avalible for pre-order scale figure (scale figure is NOT by Goodsmile Company) If you’re interested in getting her she is available at the following stores (I pre-ordered her from AmiAmi).
*Note: She’s already sold out at HobbySearch (though do keep an eye that they might restock her).

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