Litchi DE Hikari Club Episode 1 [Quick Look/First Impressions]

I’m using the word “Episode” here in the loosest connotation possible.

I can tell you straight off the bat that it’ll take me longer to do this write up than it took me to watch this. Because when they said “comedic shorts” they meant short as in 2 minutes and 29 seconds long. But I said I would do this, so I’m doing it. Just this once.

I guess I should start with a warning: do not, DO NOT, DO NOT, go out and look for this manga without first doing some serious research about what you’re going to be getting yourself into. It is a very, very fucked up story, with pretty hardcore gore and blood and nudity and all that kinds of stuff. It is not for the faint of heart, anyone under the age of 17, or those who are easily scared, but if you can get past that, it’s a pretty fascinating manga in a “Hey, this is super horrifying!” kinda way (the sense of humor is jet black, which I liked but is definitely not for everyone).

This show is basically the polar opposite (and I do mean polar opposite) of the manga.

It’s a 2 and a half minute lampooning of the first chapter of the manga, with the characters (Zera, Kanon, Litchi the giant robot, etc.) deciding how to “punish” an intruder into their secret base in very silly ways, from eating all the chocolate off of his pocky leaving only the sticks to ruining manga plot lines. In the end they decide that he shall have only rice for dinner with no side-dishes (HORROR!)

So with that being said, I don’t really know who this show is aimed at. You need to have some knowledge of the manga to get who the characters are and why the “jokes” are supposed to be funny coming from them (I didn’t really find the jokes funny on any level, even as pure sillyness, so I have a hard time calling them jokes in the first place). For fans of the manga (of which there seem to be quite a few?) it’s not even remotely close to the original story (nor could it be, because unless it was an OVA series there is no way in HELL that that story could be shown on T.V. EVER.) so those fans aren’t really going to be interested. But this isn’t really a series that just anyone could pick up and “get”. So…yeah. Who’s the audience for this? Putting aside the fact that they use this weird flash animation that doesn’t particularly look great (or even good), and the fact that it’s not really funny, why would you even try to animate this (*cough*cash grab using shock factor*cough*)?

Final verdict: “WAAAHHH This is not what I wanted!”

Possibility of Watching: Maybe (like if I get really, really bored. Plus, it’s short.) 

Possibility of Blogging: A snowballs chance in hell, which is to say N-O

4 thoughts on “Litchi DE Hikari Club Episode 1 [Quick Look/First Impressions]

  1. D’aaawwww and it is so interesting too. But an almost 3 minutes of show won’t even satisfy me and plus the animation is not that on my taste as well. D8 But… I find it really cute with gore and stuff. LOL

  2. I’m just gonna guess that this anime is generally the manga’s 4-koma gags that did not make it into print because it might ruin the entire essence of the manga.

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