Phat Company: Fate/Extra's 1/8 Scale Caster

Today’s package is the scale figure of Fate/Extra’s Caster was released again by Phat Company late September. This charming fox lady is absolutely stunning and incredibly close if not identical to her character design in the Fate/Extra game.

When she arrived, I was shocked at the size of the box, I wasn’t expecting her to be this big whatsoever. I actually imagined her to be a bit shorter, but she is in fact, taller. They really packaged her very carefully with a lot of covers to prevent her from being damaged. Her single extra accessory is her gorgeous mirror.

While the figure is spectacular, there is without a doubt three problems, but two of them are considered minor.
#1) The Platform: I wished her platform wasn’t so plain. By itself and one knowing around the game of Fate/Extra would know it’s a simple stand that represents the game. But it looks terrible and stands out like a sore thumb when you put her together with other figures with a more unique or elegant platform.

#2) Skin Tone: This is considerably minor though since you only really, (heck I only noticed it after I had taken the pictures) notice it up close- varying on which lighting you are using to look at it.

And finally #3) Footing Support
I doubt that everyone is having this problem- but I’m going to point it out anyways: See this?

This single problem is giving me a bit of a fright. This is what supports her standing, and I’m terrified that because I wasn’t able to push it all the way down (and if you read my Nendoroid KYH post, you’d know that I have to be very cautious when I put delicate things together). So I left it as you see it in this picture, and she seems to be standing. She is also protected with some extra wall support because I put her in my display cabinet… and I just realized that I’m going to have to move both her and Saber when Ultimate Madoka comes in… where should I put them?
Overall I’m extremely pleased, I’m glad I bought her. All I hope is that the footing will last and I won’t have to worry about anything. Caster is unfortunately no longer available, I was only fortunate enough to get her at the last minute.

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