Alter's AnoHana – Menma Scale Figure

Alter’s AnoHana – Menma Scale Figure has finally come in. This is one of the figures I’ve been eagerly waiting for, but sadly I couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed after putting it together and seeing it first hand. Menma’s scale figure comes with a part of her secret base, umbrella and diary.

TTwTT I wanted to reduce the file size, so I decided to try it out this time but before I could revert it I closed everything so unfortunately the quality of the pictures are lower than I hoped for them to turn out. /TEARS How frustrating! ;A;

Without a doubt Menma’s figure is charming, while her body well done and no particular errors standing out, my biggest disappointment is the quality of her hair. Even from outside of the box, before I took it out I noticed there was some noticeable bits which I’ll describe as bubbles because I don’t really know whether it’s the paint’s fault or the molding of the figure itself. On top of that, there are parts on the back of her hair that doesn’t look good at all. However once you stand from afar, you shouldn’t notice it.

The other part is Menma herself. She sits up top without any extra support to prevent her from falling forward. It makes me a little bit unsettled knowing that everything is depending on the balance of both the base and Menma herself. While I was putting her together two days ago, I was worried about what would happen if there were an earthquake- and of course, guess what? An earthquake happened a few hours later. (DO YOU KNOW HOW CREEPY THAT IS? YOU’RE LIKE EXPECTING IT BUT AT THE SAME TIME YOU’RE NOT?!) I also wished that the base had a bit more weight. In both cases as I just mentioned, if I didn’t have a display cabinet to put her in and placed her on my dresser or my desk- god forbid what would happen if my cat decided to use her as a scratching post.

Overall, for the price I’ve paid for this, I feel a little bit frustrated with my purchase. Curse you customs for making me pay an extra 25$ when you never charged me before for figures!!!!!!! But at the same time, I don’t regret adding her to my collection.
Alter’s AnoHana – Menma Scale Figure is still available at AmiAmi, CDjapan and Hobbysearch

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