K Episode 5: Red vs Blue


Kukuri conveniently sends Shiro out on an errand with Kuroh and Neko, allowing him to completely avoid Scepter 4 and HOMRA, who have both come searching for him. Instead, Scepter 4 obtain “permission” to check the school databases for an identity match of the murderer’s photo, while HOMRA directly question people instead, however things truly start to heat up when a chance meeting between traitor Fushimi and Yata explode into a fight between the two.


Shiro seems to be having astounding amounts of luck, managing to escape the school right as both Scepter 4 and HOMRA show up – by going out on yet another errand with Kuroh and Neko. It’s actually a good thing he didn’t run into any other factions, because god knows it’s the last thing he needs right now after seeing a similar bloody shirt neatly folded (!) in his wardrobe. While the obvious solution is that he’s lost his memories or has a split personality, I can’t get it out of my mind that the whole thing might be a trap – by another group that has nothing to do with anyone we’ve seen so far. We know that HOMRA wants to kill him, Kuroh wanted to kill him and Scepter 4 want to take him into custody, which makes it pretty safe to say that the other unknown factions aren’t on best terms with this “Colourless King” persona. Though what was that all about at the end there? Not only Kukuri not recognizing Shiro at all, but the school program too? I mean, Kukuri could always have made a mistake, but with Shiro’s other classmates recognizing that photo easily, it’s hard to believe that someone who has a crush on him wouldn’t notice the resemblance. The school database as well…hmm, someone’s messing around with things here.

Technically both factions got into the school through more orthodox methods, though HOMRA are clearly not meant to be here while Awashima Seri and Scepter 4 were taken to the principal’s office for negotiations. Speaking of Seri – she’s got something going on with that barkeep Kusanagi doesn’t she xD Ohohoho I smell a forbidden pairing that seems to be very much canon ^^ All the more exciting that they belong to rival factions and are highly ranked in their clan, too. Perhaps that was why she let HOMRA go without a fight at all after giving them news on Mikoto being well – or maybe she’s just a nicer person inside than her cold exterior will allow her to display.

So the real conflict this episode was a direct fight between the traitor Fushimi and Yata-san, who was very easily riled up after a few choice words. Based on what Kuroh has mentioned about HOMRA, it’s understandable that Yata would still be that pissed off about the betrayal – they share extremely close bonds within the clan, and desertion would hit all the other existing members hard. Still, you can kinda tell that Fushimi was made to be a Red – he’s displayed some very violent and sadistic tendencies not just in front of Yata, but over other things in past episodes too. Also I think it’s safe to say that he never passed his sanity test, as literally everything about him screamed mental instability. From that odd, slightly creepy laugh to pulling out knives from nowhere and chucking them over, I’m surprised as to the reason why Scepter 4 agreed to take him up in the first place, and very unsurprised as to why Yata was wound up by him pretty easily. It’d probably be best for Shiro if he avoided the school for some time and didn’t come back – that might manage to extend his life if both clans have left by then.

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