Little Busters! Episode 7: Saigusa Haruka


I think I remember something like today’s Rin vs Masato match from the VN. Fights between various members of the Little Busters are actually much more common than what they show in the anime (with opportunities every time Riki goes out in search for a fight during break) as well as the ones you’re sure to encounter through the story line. I think Masato actually beat Rin when I played it out, as he actually had really high physical stats and hit really hard despite having a crappy weapon as he always does. Rin’s cats hit five times each turn, but the thing is that half the time they just sit idly instead of dealing damage, so it’s a bit inconsistent with them. Anyway, that wasn’t the case in the anime, unfortunately for Masato Trash. I wonder how long the title will stick, hahaha xD

Wow, recruiting Haruka was really fast o.O There was hardly any considering to do on her part, but I guess that’s just the kind of person she is. It’s clear to see that she’s a troublemaker, and will do things like playing tricks for her own enjoyment (poor Kengo, I’ve never seen his hair down like that before xD) I don’t think she’ll cross the boundary of actually hurting someone, and though everyone doesn’t act partially towards her it’s just the disciplinary committee members that seem to be constantly out for her so she can repent for something she’s done in the past. This has long since evolved into discrimination against her, and they don’t seem to be beneath singling her out to blame when an incident has happened. To be honest, it’s most likely Haruka at work anyway, but Riki doesn’t seem to feel that it’s the right kind of attitude to take, both as a disciplinary member and as a person. As always, the Little Busters are quick to back him up, and there was a small feeling of victory when Riki ended up paying for the cost of the drinks Haruka took. Futaki Kanata, the disciplinary president didn’t seem too happy though, and this probably isn’t the last we’ll see of her. Suspiciously she has a very similar hair colour and style to Haruka, and with Haruka’s purple hair not exactly being common there’s a chance Kanata is related to Haruka… but surely it can’t be that simple, right? It’s the same with the current arc – Haruka has joined the Little Busters and all (with the power of youth) but there’s no way things are going to stay this peaceful for long.

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