Robotics; Notes Episode 7: Gunvarell’s Last Episode

“Robots are always just robots.” – Doc


I’m sorry but it seems because this episode contains a lot of happenings, a short summary was impossible for me to come up with. Although I thing is for sure, this episode is one hell of another episode with a lot of scenes, with a lot of contents and you get to enjoy it after the depressing ending before.


SUBARU, DON’T BECOME A FISHERMAN!!! Neways, he’s hot here. 8D

Subaru, with M45 shattered by his dad, didn’t come to school and attend classes for days, making Aki really worried. Man, he’s been hiding behind the mask for two years from his dad just to make his dream come true, just to do what he loves to do and yet, he can’t even get away with it happily. For him to let other people dispose of his treasure, was the dumbest thing to do in this world. But we know Subaru is being tsun-tsun here, we do and in fact, when he decided to get rid of M45 himself, I almost got tears in my eyes. I don’t know where he found the courage to do it and how did he feel while doing it and I don’t even want to imagine. It is like – getting all of your important things burned up to nothingness. Difficult. Dpressing. Letting go is, we do know. It was sad. Still, Subaru, DON’T BECOME A FISHERMAN, DAMN IT. PLEASE. I’m happy still that he wants to stay in the Robotics Club still but the ROBO-ONE was a waste. OTL

Jun is pretty much became a fan of Gunvarell as well – just because of the last episode’s legend. She’s much attached to urband legends which make her a really good information source when it comes to weird phenomenon and mysteries around Tanegashi. Although she seems composed while watching Gunvarell, the anime, unlike our energetic Aki, her enthusiasm was really shown on how dedicated she is to watch the remaining episodes. Me, when I’m freaking hooked up with a show.

Then we switch to our geek (?) programmer, Furugoori, Let me call her Frau instead since it’s shorter. /shot Aside from her, being weird (not to mention I get startled whenever her voice volume suddenly increases), as her side of the bargain for joining the Robotics Club and for helping Subaru with his controllers (which wasn’t even put into real action, too bad), Kai must help her trace cheaters in her game, Kill-Ballad. WOW, just… WOW! And even so, Kai didn’t seem enthusiastic about it like normal players would have been. A game developer actually asked you for a favor about the game, I would be more than happy to help out! Not only that, our Kai doesn’t even mind seeing Frau’s bra hangin’ on the sofa. Okay, Kai, you are just one awesome character to love and I keep on loving you even more. <3 But the cheater hunt didn’t had any good results.

They are together, in the dark, in a room with a hanging bra…

We also got a glimpse of Misa, and how she was back then, and how she suddenly just given up on robotics-stuff and how Kai was affected by her decision. Of course, Kai look up to Misa so much (and one reason must be being defeated on computer games since forever). We also get a lot of flashbacks of her and of course, Misa’s current self and state with EXOSKELETON.

Aki, on the other hand, was very much happy to get her hands on the parts needed for GunPro1’s progress. Man, I still can’t believe that high school students are even allowed to create such a robot. I mean, they can be dangerous too. Does their school even check on this club’s activities every now and then? LOL

And guess what?! Another mystery just piled up on the unsolved issues of the series. It is seems the last episode of the Gunvarell Anime was never made because of the staff was dead. Kept a secret and Frau’s mother being the prime suspect for the incident, information reached Kai’s ears first hand from the suspect’s daughter. Well, hello there another puzzle and hello miss unknown with glasses! D:

PS: That Kagome Kagome songs in creeping me out!!! D8

4 thoughts on “Robotics; Notes Episode 7: Gunvarell’s Last Episode

  1. I’m a little surprised that Subaru’s fisherman father didn’t like him pursuing robotics. Robotics require knowledge both in electrical and mechanical systems, which are both good knowledge to operate fishing machinery. Of course, operating them don’t really require those knowledge that much, but setup and fixing them in emergency cases do. Robots are essentially a control unit, sensors, communication system (control), electrical connection, and a bunch of motors. Fishing machinery nowadays most likely contains a motor that can release or draw in nets. There is a difference in size, but essentially they are similar and knowledge of one can be used for the other. I guess its just misunderstanding and purpose of plot.

  2. That woman with sunglasses – I might be wrong, but isn’t that…Tennouji Nae, who was a little girl in Steins;Gate? Wow, what a cameo…

    And I recognize Kagome Kagome from the remix of it that was done in one of the Touhou games. It’s this children’s game with a creepy song and lyrics that have resulted in lots of speculation. I suppose the show will link it back to whatever conspiracy’s going on atm xD

    1. Yup, that’s Ms. Braun (joke) alright. This is the third installment in the science adventure trilogy afterall. I guess its not really that much of a spoiler since you can find her on their official website in the support characters list. There are two other cameos I believe from Chaos Head and Steins Gate, but not in person. Since this really isn’t a story spoiler I guess I can talk about it. I’m not even sure if they’ll show the cameo in the anime, since they appear as forum posts I think.

  3. I do know Kagome Kagome and it’s a fun song but… In this series, it makes me shiver for some odd and unknown (and I don’t like to know) reason. Added by the character’s expressions when it was heard.

    Ahhh, this is no horror, right? I’ve almost died from episode 5. OTL

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