Sukitte Iinayo Ep 8: Breaking Point

Mei tries to cope with her overwhelming emotions but with Yamato unconsciously creating rifts within their relationship, Mei draws closer to her breaking point.

……. Uh, first thing first: Where the hell did everyone in the corridors go? Didn’t last week end with a crowded hall? Hahahahahaha!
Oh man, what a gloomy episode. Even though Mei received opportunities to get help from her friends, she felt like she needed to cope with her feelings on her own. She thinks she is becoming a bad person by behaving like this, but in all honesty, she isn’t. Yamato on the other hand… I wouldn’t say he is entirely responsible for the blame because, he too (as Mei come to realize by the end of this episode) is new to love. Typically when you don’t know of things, you don’t think about it. It’s not going to magically dawn upon you until something or someone hits you. Yamato didn’t think about how it would appear to go to places with other girls, even if he isn’t doing anything. On top of that, it’s part of his nature to be the ‘Nice Guy’, which a lot of people like Megumi is taking advantage of in order to try creating psychological obstacles for their rivals.
As much as I wanted Mei to be responsible for clearing Yamato’s clouded vision, it was great to see Aiko step up and give them both advice and warnings when it comes down to grasping their feelings, recognizing what can create misunderstandings and come to terms that the other party might be keeping things to themselves because they don’t want to burden the other. She told him straight out that Mei is not fine, and that was something that needed to be said. I am glad that Yamato canceled his appointment with the modeling agency, cut Megumi off during the call and put Mei first.
AHAHA THIS DORK, ALL FOR A KEYCHAIN AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I hope he will be a sweet and dorky character as he appeared to be in this episode. The only thing we know about him is that he is an acquaintance of Yamato, and will be transferring to their high school. I wonder if he and Yamato are on friendly terms or not?


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