Code: Breaker Episode 10: Code: End

Code Breaker Episode 10 -  (34)

“I want to make this world where children can always smile. A world where no one has to suffer or cry.” – Code:01, Hitomi


A flash of memories from the past where Hitomi was first appointed being a Code: Breaker, starting from Code:06 at the age of 16. He was young and did his job well which showed his potential. During missions, his comrades fall to death one by one leaving him, the “ace” the only one alive. Bearing the title Code:01, they began searching for new comrades to form the new Code: Breakers and to investigate the sudden berserk mode of their special powers.

Learning the truth behind their special powers made Hitomi decide: he’ll protect his comrades and give them a normal life no matter how he will do it and even if he has to betray them.


I am really happy about this episode because it showed more sides of Hitomi and the past Code: Breakers which wasn’t really found on the manga. Although I did see some Japanese scans of some sort but that must have been a doujin somehow. I am happy, really, I am but you see, seeing all of the Code: Breakers working together on a mission pierced my heart with sadness. Not only that, you have to see the full experience of Hitomi that made him the person he is today, a wanted criminal, an ex-Code: Breaker, a former comrade, an evil to the eye of the main character, Ogami Rei.

Code Breaker Episode 10 -  (54)

Hitomi’s reason is heavy enough and he’s right on abandoning the rest of the Code: Breakers. But to see the current Code: Breakers during his time where he has been leading them in every mission excited me somehow and secretly wishing, “I hope I’d see them again like this, working together with Hitomi in front.” Of course, it’s just my wishful thinking but to be honest, I am wishing the anime would have a different ending but I would like Ogami and the rest to know what’s really happening around them and especially inside Eden.

Code Breaker Episode 10 -  (4)
Yes, they are cute when they were a few years young. *Q*

Eden is still a big mystery to us. They have a lot of agents roaming around in almost everywhere and it’s true that being a Code: Breaker, you have everything you wanted to live. Except the need of a normal person which is: a family. I can consider the group of Code: Breakers as family though. They are really great and Hitomi as their big brother. But learning about the Code: End changed everything and it even changed Hitomi’s point of view on things which turned him from “I want to save people” to “I want to kill people”. Above all this, the one who is most affected is Ogami, since he is one of the few people who have witnessed his strong resolve in life, to protect, and the only person (maybe) to have heard Hitomi’s resolve directly from his mouth. For Ogami, Hitomi is someone he respects and was dear to him even if he says “Stop calling me as if we’re friends.”

Code Breaker Episode 10 -  (47)
Okay, Yuuki, stop that. YOU’RE FREAKINGLY CUTE. D8

Seeing how Hitomi would praise each Code: Breaker for a job-well-done made my heart cry of sadness. I know I should be happy about seeing a side of them which I never really have seen (and even if you do read the manga, you’ll never gonna read something like this). I had a mix of feeling while watching though. Happy but then in another split second, sad. I almost cried while watching the first half of the episode. But beside all of this, IDK what Hitomi is planning with killing the Prime Minister and more people to feed the witnesses “fear” to remember the Code: Breakers.

Sakura did say that Hitomi only plans to talk to the Prime Minister but why kill? Sure his request must have been ignored by the prime minister but that doesn’t mean he has to kill him. Well, maybe kill him and become the prime minister himself? That’ll be odd. Vengeance? I don’t think hitomi would have thought that way.

All in all, I like this episode. This must be my favorite episode so far. I also get to know what Hitomi’s lost form is since I have been curious about it. XD Next week will be the greatest battlefield that the Code: Breaker will be facing. It’ll be fun and at the same time, I know, sad.

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