FREEing's Fate/Stay Night Scale Figure Saber: Yukata ver.


DSC_0214Here we have FREEing’s Fate/Stay Night Scale Figure Saber: Yukata ver!

Truthfully, I was hesitant whether to purchase her or not. I ended up buying her, but then later on I had changed my mind- only to find out it was too late to cancel. The reason why I wanted to cancel was because I was and I am still not a hug fan of her eyes and mouth. I wish they could have been a bit better but nevertheless from afar she looks very nice on the shelf. What I do love about this particular figure of Saber is that she doesn’t take up too much room, and you have an option to switch out her braided bun to a ponytail that really makes a huge difference. I prefer her with the ponytail rather than her usual hair style with the bun. I find that it fits the whole yukata look a lot better, and she makes it look a lot less tense.

Saber: Yukata Version comes with three simple parts, an extra hairstyle (the ponytail), a candy apple and a fan. I really love the fact that her stand does not take up a lot of space, which allows me to put more figures on my shelf. But it’s really because her legs for once isn’t outstretched doing a dramatic model pose, or in a battle stance like most of the figures I have in my collection. Her yukata is very pretty. At first when I was looking at the samples before pre-ordering her, I found her to be a bit too skinny, but it turns out that wasn’t the case. The flowers and ivory on it matches the bow she wears well and her red sandals are a good color combination to match with the candy apple.

Overall, Saber Yukata ver. is not a particular favorite of mine. Sadly with my current collection right now she is my least favorite. She is not the kind of figure that you could appreciate looking up close, but rather to be seen from afar.

FREEing’s Fate/Stay Night Scale Figure Saber: Yukata ver. can be still found at Hobbysearch, AmiAmi and CDJapan. There is actually a set of individual characters, Rin, Sakura (coming soon) and Illya as well. Unfortunately I decided to pass Rin since I didn’t like how she turned out.. :\ Such a shame… And I won’t be getting Sakura or Illya either.DSC_0207

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