Jormungand: Perfect Order Episode 21: New World phase.2

“Did you think we’re supposed to be superheroes or something?” -Valmet

Summary: As agents from both the CIA and the NSA continue to speculate as to what exactly Koko’s up to, Koko and her team continue to collect people and resources from all over the world (often by any means necessary) in order to complete her mysterious plan.

Impressions: If I could liken this episode to something it would be like watching water boil. It’s kinda boring (alright it’s 99.5% boring) but then you start seeing little bubbles forming, and you know that when it does finally get going, there’s going to be bubbles and shit flying everywhere and it’s going to be good, because you can finally cook your pasta or whatever. This episode is like watching the little bubbles stage. Things are slowly moving towards the end, but it’s not really there yet. It’s sort of interesting, but mostly…well, let’s just say there’s a reason for “a watched pot never boils” being a saying.

Obligatory Jonah being cute picture

The episode starts with a kidnapping. At first I thought it was a flashback of some kind, because Dr. Elena Baburin looks so much like Koko and Kaspar (and until she spoke I wasn’t really sure about her gender) that I though she was one of the two when they were younger. But it’s actually Koko’s team taking her, for reasons as of yet unknown to us. All we know is that she’s a physicist who specializes in Quantum Optics. Don’t ask me what that is, because I have no idea. I’m lucky if I can do long division without a calculator. She’s obviously very smart, and Koko needs her skills for something, otherwise she wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of taking her and then making her work with Dr. Minami.

Most of the rest of the episode we spend with everyone’s favorite CIA information gathering superstart, Bookman. He meets with Koko in Washington, along with Hinoki, and casually reminds her that he’s watching her and that she should be very careful of her next move. As interested as he seems in seeing the “New World” Koko is talking about, he also doesn’t seem to keen on letting go of the old order of things in order for that to happen. Koko leaves for Miami, and Bookman and some of his team go over what exactly they think Koko is trying to build. The general consensious is that the end result will be a Quantum Computer. Sounds super sci-fi right? Like when you say it there should be an echo effect and lazer beam noises in the background. Anyway, this computer, theoretically would be able to do in seconds calculations that would take your average super computer years to get through.

The Night Nine better be totally awesome if they that’s their insignia

What’s that mean for the world at large? Basically, it would be capable of hacking into any electronically stored information in the blink of an eye. And by any, it does mean any; national secrets, weapons guidance systems, bank information, and other sensetive information of the same scale would all be accesable. It’s a bit of a scary thought really. But in order to complete this masterpiece of technology, Koko needs someone who goes by the name Rabbitfoot. And that’s what she’s in Miami to plan, and Bookman is trying to stop. Rabbitfoot (real name Leila Ibrahim Faisa) is a genuis hacker, physisicst, and online activist. She’s also being kept in a top-secret part of Guantanamo Bay known as Camp No (as in “No, that doesn’t exists”.)

Koko’s plan is to use her team to bust out Rabbitfoot. And after they swear there fealty to Koko again, even though her priorites are shifting, it’s clear that they’re dead serious about getting the job done no matter what the cost. Bookman, to couter-act Koko’s plan, has brought in a group of speciallists from Afghanistan known as The Night Nine. They sound terrifying, and with standing orders to kill anyone trying to get at Rabbitfoot the stage is set for a show down. Will Koko prevail? Will Rabbitfoot be freed? Are the Night Nine as formidable a foe as they’re being made out to be? I guess we’ll see next time!

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