Robotics; Notes Episode 9: GunPro-1, Completed!

“It’s walking! Even if it’s slow, it is still walking!” – Akiho Senomiya


GunPro-1 has finally reached its final phase of putting up the upper and the lower parts together, with that marked the completion of the project.

During the test run of the giant robot, the Robotics Club’s sponsors manage to advertise about the project’s completion which attracted a lot of attention. With so many people and with a pilot set for “Number one”, it is seemed it went pretty well, but not as everyone had imagined.


I know for once that this series seriously have this super fast pace when it comes to the plot. Seriously, one episode would contain a lot of things and stack everything up one pile of information to another and then ditched my favorite parts. But you know, in this episode, it was too damn fast!!! Previous episode shows Nae up, willing to help out the club about a giant robot project but got denied immediately because of the condition then the next episode, comes the completion of the GunPro-1!!! Okay, HOW THE HELL DID THEY MANAGE TO DO ALL OF THAT WITHOUT SHOWING ME, HUH?! Not only that, I have some things to complain about but before anything else…

FRAU!!! OMG YOU ARE AWESOME!!! HAHAHAHA WE CAN REALLY GET ALONG WELL. If only I can meet anime characters in real life, I would be happy to be reading/watching BL series with you. Apparently, their cheater hunting didn’t go well as expected and Kai ended up telling Frau about Airi and the Kimijima Reports. I wonder how Kai would play with Elephant Mouse Syndrome on. HOHO

As for my other complaints… aside from the supah fast completion of the GunPro-1, there are some minor things I has to give away:

  1. Subaru, blushing – one awesome fan service!!! Okay, this is not a complaint but this is one important thing here. Subaru is our really humorous character (no shit, I am serious here). From the time during the ROBO-ONE Competition, he had always been my attention for jokes as well as when Frau teased him for some naked pictures. The Subaru x Jun pair isn’t that bad either and… HE WANTED TO GO HOME BUT HE DIDN’T AND HAD TAKOYAKI WITH JUN AND AKI WHILE WATCHING FIREWORKS. I mean, he could have went on ahead home while taking the chance of his escape there or maybe this is just one of the few weird things about Subaru we got.
  2. Kai should have been on the festival – I dunno why they weren’t in the group even though I do love Frau, she’s also has to be good with outdoor activities. I know she’s a computer geek but how can she get used into locking herself up into her room and go surf the net the whole day? Social life is also a very important thing to one’s self too.
  3. Misa – no matter how I think about it, minor happenings in this series goes super fast, the mystery behind Misa’s change of thought is still not touched a single bit from episode 1. Sure, she was the one who encouraged both Aki and Kai to love robotics and stuff but no matter what – I NEED AT LEAST A CLUE HERE. JUST. A. CLUE. And not some random festival and takoyaki eating while watching fireworks scene and I dun even want to mention about Nae and Mitchie together and even if I did it will not matter!
  4. Time skips – there is just a huge amount of that in this episode that I have forgotten the other things that I wanted to write on this number. It would have been nice if it was a time skip to the past and see what happened to Misa back then and learn the reason behind her, giving up.

Did I just hear Misa calling Number One, “JUNK”?!?!?! Well, even though the actual look doesn’t even match the ones on her blue print but she doesn’t have to call it “junk”. If Aki heard that, your little sister will hate you (well, not really). And since I dunno a single thing of what happened to Misa, I have the right to hate her today.

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