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Impression: (No summary this week because my wrists hurt)

YAY! The Heroine managed to fill in a gap in the memories!
The heroine is in this paradox-like state right now and it’s kind of almost as if experiencing various of different routes in multiple lives. Uh what’s the term… Simultaneous Alternate Dimensions… or something, but the core of it is her memories. Uh so it’s kind of like- her soul isn’t the one doing the jumping but her memories are all messed up and this is the backlash of Orion merging into her soul.
Bleh, forgive me, I have no idea how to put this into words…
Anyhow, I was somewhat surprised because we saw so much of Shin to the point I started wondering, “Are we going down Shin’s route?” but it looks like it won’t be the case now since she has experienced another trigger for another jump, this time on Ikki’s route.
Thank god the heroine actually REMEMBERS the events with Shin as she finds herself onto Ikki’s route. It also helps that she had written down a record for herself in her journal only to see it disappeared and the date being reset to August 1st.
I have a theory, so hear me out:
AMNESIA Ep 4 Img 0002With the whole time paradox thing going on, I think this is how the order goes as according to the OP/ED:
Shin was first, Ikki is second, Kent will be third, and Toma will be fourth and Ukyou will probably be last.
Now let me talk about Kent for a moment.
Remember the fireworks festival that Sawa mentioned that the heroine wasn’t going to be ready for the crowd? Now remember back in Episode 2 where the Heroine experienced a memory with Kent at a festival? I think that’s the particular route she remembered and in time we will see that scene happen.
As I was writing this i realized that there’s possibility the same thing has been hinted or we had unknowingly already partially experienced Ikki’s route.
I also wanted to point out some points from Episode 1 that we should recall:
1) Orion calling her “Can you hear me?” (August 4th)
2) Brief flashback of Ikki helping the heroine make a sundae
3) Heroine is in a panic state, worried that Ikki had caught onto her amnesia state and broke glass
4) At the end of the episode when the bad girls and Rika confronted the heroine at her home.
When the bad girls and Rika confronted the heroine which perhaps at time was in fact part of what we are about to see in the next episode or two. So if that is the case, then we should find out exactly when and what promise the heroine made with them.
Does that make sense at all? ^^;
With that said, I am curious to see how many episodes they are going to span out each route. Shin had three episodes. There’s only 12, so this is how I think it’s going to play out:
Ikki: Episode 5 and 6
Kent: Episode 7 and 8
Toma: Episode 9 and 10
So if they go by that then that leaves the final two episodes to wrap up things up and let the Heroine put the remaining puzzle pieces together.
Also I wanted to make a few points about Ukyou. I don’t know whether this may spoil people or not, so I’m going to put this under a spoiler tag just in case.
Truthfully speaking if I hadn’t glimpsed around the spoilers (way before this adaption was announced- and let me tell you I haven’t seen a lot of it- but I do know an important fact about his route) I probably would be seeing Ukyou in a different light and my speculations would probably be different. But logically- regardless whether you are not familiar with his route: he’s a mysterious character that gets you thinking. Why? It all starts with the promos because not only he was never featured in the promos as a “main character”, they also never revealed his seiyuu, and he is featured once in the OP as the last guy to lean in to kiss the heroine. With that said, Ukyou’s role will probably be playing a far more important and a bigger role during the final two episodes because at that point the heroine will have clues and it will most likely be connected to him.[/spoiler]
AMNESIA Ep 4 Img 0011Shin had a tough childhood since his father accidentally killed a drunk man and everyone around him severed their ties with him except for the heroine and Toma. While both of them helped Shin, he felt that the heroine was the one who really saved him and was always grateful for that. I felt really bad for him because he really doesn’t want to give up on their relationship and was trying everything in his power to help her remember by re-acting important events.
Now that we are starting Ikki’s route, trouble is already brewing as Ikki’s fangirls and their leader (so it seems) Rika has shown up. Fortunately the heroine is well aware that she must be extremely wary of them.
I am not going to lie, I am actually quite pleased with the way things are going. I mean think about it, at this rate, one way or another each of the main guys are going to kiss the heroine. What does that mean? A sweet treat to the fans who ship the heroine with that particular guy. There have been a few times where the guy I wanted the heroine to end up with didn’t end up with him or (as per usual of 98% of the time) there was an open ending.
It’s too bad that Orion was not able to show up or give us any information on what’s going on. But at least it makes me curious and start speculating more. Where’s the fun if we get the answers right away?


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  1. Noc

    I didn’t enjoy these past two episodes as much since I hate Shin WITH A BURNING PASSION, but lucky for me that’s over now as we spontaneously jump to Ikki’s route. Not having Orion around kind of bummed me out a little too- something tells me we’re not going to see him again until we’re done with all this route hopping D=
    It certainly seems like we’re going to see the haircut event for real soon, which I’m excited for, but at the same time it annoys me that Ikki would indulge his fangirls outside a potential love interest’s apartment without realizing the danger he might be putting her in, or so it seems for now. Gosh, some of these harem members are nothing but irritating to me. For now I’m definitely just in it for the mystery of solving her memory puzzle. Looking forward to Kent’s route since I actually like him, and also Toma’s since I’m still betting on him being the crazy one (not counting Ukyou of course, since he’s not an ‘official’ harem member).
    Oh, oh, I’m also looking forward to seeing what kind of personality the manager will have this time around!

    1. Eva

      Kent is one of the most lovable ones i hear. I hear Ikki’s route is a favorite too so there might be more than what meets the eye right now.
      It’s kind of a good thing that Orion isn’t here though since the heroine is forced to make the decisions all on her own, which is something we’d all rather see than see her going with the flow.
      The mystery is definitely the highlight of the show, and I’m glad that it’s intriguing enough to the point that it isn’t heavily focused so much on the romance and more of, “WTF IS GOING ON, MEMORIES FIRST, ROMANCE LATER” so to put it simply: PRIORITIES, YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT.

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