Hunter x Hunter 2011 Epiode 63 -  (32)

“I wasn’t looking for a reward; I wasn’t expecting any gratitude. I only wanted to lead a normal life.” – Binolt


Gon and Killua finally manage to agree on Biscuit’s terms after a few explanations on how Biscuit and their master, Wing, is related. While discussing things related to their training, there was another player planning on ambushing them. The three decided on a plan and it ended up using that player as a subject for training to both Gon and Killua.


It is true that no matter how tough the two boys we have, they are still just developing their skills and for them to have reached this far, luck also had something to do with them. Biscuit seriously hit that spot right and even if Wing is a good teacher; he wasn’t that strict on them, imo. Wing just set up some nice and simple rules for the both of them to use to strengthen their minds on battle but that was it. If I think back at the 3rd arc, their training wasn’t that heavy yet. Not only that, all Gon had done after all those training he had under Wing, was just able to punch Hisoka with a little help of blocks. Surely, this only says that Gon and Killua, in order to become even stronger to complete Greed Island, they need a strong and strict teacher and Biscuit was there as the answer to such prayer.

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Poor Killua…

Biscuit is a really interesting character. Not only that she’s a master of Nen for 40 years and that she can actually shift her looks into that of a child’s using Nen, she’s also undoubtedly experienced with first-hand combat. Her fight against Binolt had proven much of her partial strength. I don’t even know how much strength she had put up just to make Binolt fall into the ground and break some bones and give some internal injuries for him. She also happens to know Ging as well (anyway, who wouldn’t? lol) and the fact that she respects him too shows pretty much on her comments towards the man. I can’t really blame her if her interest towards Gon grows larger after knowing he is Ging’s son – not that it has any effect at all since Ging wasn’t there on his son’s side ever since forever anyway. A treasure hunter – as she might have appeared to a lot; wants to cover some gems from Greed Island as her hobby implies. Let us add the jewels she has now on her hands that needs some polishing in order to make them brighter, Gon and Killua. At best – Biscuit is the perfect person to give the two boys a proper training from here on out and those two weeks with Binolt is something of a start.

Binolt, with a weird Nen and weapons, was unable to say anything towards Biscuit’s strength. All he knew is that, she’s 57 years old and is a master of Nen based on her looks. All these were learned when he tried eating Biscuit’s hair (now Bisky’s hair is imbalanced lol). Even though he received such an injury from Bisky, he still agreed on the two-week time to train the two boys in exchange for his life. I’d say, for starters, that was a pretty good start for both Gon and Killua’s training.

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I just wanted to say that almost all minor characters has these creepy character designs and only those who have some major roles have some decent designs. LOL

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Epiode 63 -  (23)It was only later that Gon and Killua manage to get used to the basics of using Nen in actual combat. Sure, they know how to use Nen and its other forms but they actually give more physical power than needed by those who can use Nen with ease; especially how Gyo was very helpful when it comes to weird circumstances. They also happened to be more alert in enemy movements since the training and becoming more aware of their surroundings which boost their resourcefulness. Binolt was a really interesting character as well and I might have understood why he would act such a way and that woman in his memories is actually a bitch. But I don’t get why he has to use scissors. LOL He kind of reminded me of Akashi from Kuroko no Basket.

After the two weeks fighting against Binolt, due to Gon’s will and innocence, he was able to change his mind about the game and decided to surrender his self. This is quite the good thing about this: players actually learn after confronting with Gon and Killua – well, Gon perhaps. Since back then, Killua did mention that it was Gon who manage to have changed his view in life and decided to follow his own path and not of his family. He even added something that he was glad to have met him. After parting with Binold, the three headed towards Masadora to gather some spell cards then Bisky made they go back to the rocky are and try to go to Masadora again through a straight path! Not only that, Gon and Killua hs to keep up with the weird sleeping method Bisky has put them up into. Killua has really no problem with it but rather, Gon does and…

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Don’t worry, he’s fine, he says.

Well, yeah. LOL Now that Gon and Killua is almost done with Bisky’s first stage of training; the next episode will be interesting.

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  1. shareme

    Innocent is not how I perceive Gon but I’m not surprised since most HxH fans tend to overlook his ruthless, brutal and practical side. He is naive (and sometimes an idiot due to bullheadedness) but never an innocent. Like Killua, he has hidden depths; much more in fact. Gon’s scary side was shown on episodes 16, 18, 34 and 63.

    1. Linzz

      LOL “naive” was actually the word I was looking for while writing this review. Since I wasn’t able to grab hold of the word, I used innocence instead. OTL His way sure does make other people overlook his other stronger characteristics but for this episode, surely, he was pretty much showing his innocent side (prior to Binolt’s case, that is). LOL

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