“I hate you. I hate you so much!”



Futaki Kanata and the Disciplinary Committee get into a few more skirmishes with Haruka, first destroying her bench and later making her attend a hearing in front of the entire committee, where she snaps and lashes out violently after verbal abuse. The next day, the school is mysteriously decorated with fliers advertising Haruka as the daughter of a criminal.


Pi167After Kanata’s initial introduction around when Haruka made her first appearance in the show, I have to say that I did expect something along these lines to happen – and similar to Komari’s plight, Haruka is a character very unsuited to tears and sadness, and I’d much rather she appear happy and fulfilled with the various pranks she pulls around the school. I admit that what Kanata does has basis – Haruka does cause trouble for the Disciplinary Committee, and the things she gets up to around school shouldn’t be examples to follow at all. But on the other hand, pranks aren’t exactly uncommon for students to carry out, and most importantly, Haruka’s heart is in the right place – none of those pranks were meant to hurt or injure anyone, and the maintenance she does around school helps make their campus a better place.

Pi152I can’t help but think that Kanata’s order to destroy Haruka’s bench instead of having it fixed was out of spite towards Haruka – it seems that while she’s strict to everyone, she’s discriminating far too harshly against Haruka, to the point where her reprimands turn into sharp verbal attacks at her for no apparent reason. That bench had sentimental value to her, and to me it looked like Kanata saw it as an opportunity to get one over her. Even charges like the vending machine are pushed on her merely based on suspicion – though admittedly I can’t actually remember what actually happened surrounding that issue. Haruka has always looked rather sad when facing off against Kanata, but the combined assault of the entire Disciplinary Committee in what seems to be a mock trial of sorts is too much for her. I know the education system in Japan pushes a lot more responsibility and power onto students than the Western typically would, but I can’t believe that a committee like that have the power to heap so much abuse onto one student, which ended up in her snapping and lashing out. With Kanata goading her on purpose, part of me ended up wishing Haruka did throw that stool, though that would have landed her in deeper trouble than ever before.

“It brings back memories of things I had lost. Things long past.’

What horrible timing for rumours to emerge suggesting that Haruka is the daughter of a criminal – and for them to be spread around the school in such a wide and organized fashion. The Little Busters probably took most of them down, but the damage has been done. Most of the school are talking about Haruka, for better or for worse – but I doubt the culprit was Kanata. For all her hatred of Haruka causing a commotion like this would be completely counter-productive towards her role as head of the Disciplinary Committee – maybe it was one of the members lower down the ranks? Haruka’s family practising polygamy and forcing the woman to have two husbands probably resulted in one husband fathering one daughter each, with the future murderer being Haruka’s father – leading Kanata to look down on her as a result. The whole estranged twins situation isn’t really too surprising given their similar looks, but perhaps Kanata might be feeling a little sad that things turned out this way – Kud reminds her of her lost little sister, who she still has fond childhood memories of despite everything that’s happened between them.


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  1. Jiburi

    Two husbands resulting twins, that’s a pretty rare occasion.

    1. Magicflier

      It’s not determined if they are fraternal twins or not. It is mentioned that the family told the twins that they are born from different fathers but for all we know, they could be from the same father.

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