Robotics Notes 13 (50)

“If only that coldness could envelope and freeze me forever…” – Kona Furugoori


Kai had some troubles on understanding the Kimijima Report No. 4 but gave him some hints about whatever is written on it and at the same time, Kona, who has been investigating the odd scenes on the last episode of Gunvarrel was also able to get a few things that pointed out on the fourth report and not only that – they also discovered that Kona’s mother’s hidden letter – which states the same thing as Kimijima’s report No.4.

Now that things are in a haywire, Kai still decided to pursue on learning about the rest of the reports. The episode ended with us, seeing Kona, almost dead on her own bathtub, with a cutter at hand.


I took a lot of time in writing this review because of a few reasons: 1. The last scene of the episode was actually too shocking that I had trouble on registering what happened on my small mind after a couple of days of exams at school, 2. This episode had some wrecking arrangement of happenings which caused too much information overload, 3. I am going back with reason number 1, over and over and over again, from time to time and 4. The Kimijima Report is sooooo disturbing since I’ve read one report on the net (not sure if it was true) about a solar flare to happen this year. The last reason was pretty much having been affecting me at school and I don’t know why – must be because of my curiosity about the stuff. The same happened too when I was watching Steins; Gate. I’ve also read reports about failed attempts on time travelling from some magazine a few years before starting with the anime so the series really disturbed me. I know that these are all sci-fi but the fact that 5pb based some of the facts on their Visual Novels actually scared a few hairs on me. AND 5. AWESOME WORDPRESS JUST GAVE ME LOAD ERRORS AND CRAP. /RAAAGGEEEE

Robotics Notes 13 (22)
Nae is seriously serious with this thing.

Well, enough about those chilly things I’ve felt and let us get on with this. First, the GunPro-2 is actually had been initiated and this episode was Nae’s birthday. Too random, I know and there is actually other random stuff that was included in this episode. Like how Doc wanted to make a vernier for GunPro-2’s development but then it was rejected by Subaru, a Kill-Ballad fight against Nae to make Kai do something in return (which was surprisingly showed how Kai’s Kill-Ballad abilities drastically decreased with all the stuff that he’s been doing with effort lol), and how he manage to eat the passion fruit in exchange for a bow – well, okay, this one is actually for a reason since he wants to activate the flags for Kimijima Report No. 5. XD Although these scenes were seem unnecessary, I didn’t really hate it but to think they have been planted on the episode in random order and appeared in just random scenes was pretty much had gotten me out of the story, thus, pertaining to my reason number 2.

Kona (wow, I actually had been calling her Kona and IDK why), had a pretty bad – well, nightmare before the start of the episode. Obviously, by the looks of the nightmare, she would probably shed a tear. But that’s not all – Kona, who believes that the last episode of the Gunvarrel anime seires that was leaked a few days ago has something more to offer other than a trolling ending to a 150-episode anime series. Not that I’d be happy about such ending to such a good anime (as they might have described Gunvarrel is, anyway). And to think that there was a hidden message from Kona’s mother was actually unexpected and the last episode of Gunvarrel was the key (password) for the hidden message that stated pretty much the same thing as Kimijima Report No.4 about stuff I don’t even want to discuss. LOL Other than these, Kona also had to go through such heavy emotions such as people trying to make fun about her mother and the production staff of Gunvarrel. Even though Kona is weird and a freak (hentai), she’s still human and can still feel pain and cry.

Robotics Notes 13 (26)
I honestly would have been more happy if she had done this to Subaru. Imagining what that guy’s reaction would be is just… so precious.

Kai also manage to get the fifth Kimijima Report after a few crazy flags to set and apparently the archery challenge was quite funny and he’s pretty much a genius in doing that but I believe a bow was never needed to begin with. XD The same as the fourth report, it talked about many impossible things to register on my small head and probably Kai’s too since he requested Sister Centipede (I still wonder why the program was named like this) for a summary report. And after what Sister Centipede said – which was NOT really a summary of the contents, all Kai knows is humanity will be going extinct and that pushed him to let the information he had gotten to be released in public – no, not a good idea, imo, since I am hypothesizing that Kona’s mother might have done something what Kai is been planning.

Robotics Notes 13 (34)

The ending of the episode: OHHH GAWWWDDD WHHHYYYYY?! WHYYY?! Kona actually decided on really going for a suicide? NO!!! WAYYYY!!!! I mean, it is out of Kona’s character to actually think of running away AND suicide. That was a little OP there but I don’t actually mind some drama mixed in. AND WHO DARED HACK ON KONA’S TWIPO? I’LL KILL THEM!!! I will, definitely. And yes, Kona, Gunvarrel is an innocent 2D character made by you and your mother, so don’t worry. Kai will do something about it.

Robotics Notes 13 (49)
It’s okay, Kona dear. It’s okay.