AMNESIA Episode 5: Picking up the Pieces of the Puzzle

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Impression: (No summary again  this week because my wrists hurt)
They changed the OP, it looks even better now with how the touched it how. I am curious to see whether they will continue to do this as the Heroine gradually comes to understand what’s going on.
ORIONNNNN! <3 <3 <3
Orion managed to appear, but while he did repeat what he said in Ep 1 he also point out that how the circumstances when they met were different. Even though he wasn’t able to say much, he was able to confirm that one of my theories from last week about how the whole Simultaneous Alternate Dimensions concept since she is being thrown in and out of different lives that she is living from other worlds.
With that said, now what she must do is figure out how to identify which one she actually belongs in.
AMNESIA Ep 5 Img0025Although the Heroine is very confused right now and is struggling to pin point what’s going on and how to adapt to it; we the audience were able to learn more about what kind of promise the Heroine probably made with the fangirls. While she hasn’t figured it out herself, it’s easy for us- the audience to put the pieces of the puzzle together. So basically the promise she had made with the girls was to send them daily reports. Now whether she had any other promises to fulfill, that is a mystery- but the daily reports says enough considering how obsessed this girls are with Ikki.

As for Ikki, he claims that he has a condition where he forces himself to always wear his sun-glasses in the public (except for work because obviously he isn’t allowed to wear shades). While he was very vague about it, I think it’s pretty clear that he doesn’t particularly like the attention he gets and how once the girls look at him in the eye, the confess- despite probably knowing nothing about him, which is understandably frustrating. On top of that, Rumors has it that Ikki is a playboy that ditches the girls in 3 months time (which the heroine is concerned about it after having overheard him say one month to go). However Kent ensures her that she is different from the rest (YOU GO MAN). So the mention of ‘one month to go’ is probably applied to something else that Ikki has in mind.

AMNESIA Ep 5 Img0022The fact that Ikki is the one doing the chasing and has to work hard to win her heart is one of the reasons why he fell in love with our dear Heroine. She never swoons when she meets his eyes and when he wants to kiss her, she doesn’t flinch to repel instead.
I also like Ikki for not forcing himself on her, and is being a gentleman and I hope he continues being this way after he finds out that she is dealing with an AMNESIA. But it’s probably going to hurt since all that effort has been forgotten.
List of differences in Ikki’s Route (aha not too much from what we’ve seen so far):
– Waka is not friendly and says “CUSTOMERS ARE THE ENEMIES”
– Sawa doesn’t work at the cafe but is still a friend of the Heroine’s
The one thing that hasn’t changed: Kent and Ikki being BFF’s.
Gosh their showdown was hilarious. They are brainiac rivals and constantly challenge each other to things like Math Puzzles. I loved how the Heroine went to stop them only to stumble and fall spectacularly. It was so cute.
Overall the pace and the mood of the episode was quite different from the rest we have seen. I am hoping that the Heroine will confess about her AMNESIA state to Ikki, but I am also curious to see whether Ikki has already figured it out (I mean Shin figured it out, why can’t Ikki?) and how he will handle the matter.


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0 thoughts on “AMNESIA Episode 5: Picking up the Pieces of the Puzzle

  1. You know, I’ve read a few blogs and watched youtube playthroughs of the psp game, and I found Ikki’s playthrough… appealing. 😛 I like that predator charge Ikki invokes while being flirty, sexy, alluring, playful (waah the list goes on!). (>////<) I haven't watched this episode yet but to know there's a new opening… yes! XD
    When I learned about this anime airing, I didn't know this was from an otome game. By any chance have you played this game? 😡
    Thanks for blogging this anime! I did not expect this so thank you!

    1. Thank you! I haven’t played the game yet (it’s one of my rewards for once I learn enough Japanese to actually play it since I own it *YOSH*) but I have skimmed the reviews of the game and walk-throughs. But that was quite a while ago as I discovered this game I think a year and a half ago. So I don’t remember much-which is good because that prevents me from spoiling myself ahahahaha. Some of my friends who have played AMNESIA have also mentioned that they like Ikki’s route and is definitely one of, if not the most appealing.
      ;w; Now only if the game could be licensed… AKSYS GAMES I AM LOOKING AT YOU.

  2. As for Ikki not figuring out her amnesia, I’d have to say it’s probably because they’ve only been dating for a few months to Shin’s childhood friend status and general observant personality (he might have known something was up even on the Ep1-2 world, given that he was eyeing her and probably wanted to talk to her about it that night @ the forest) .
    Ikki has probably figured out something is strange with her, but doesn’t want to force her into telling him.
    Anyway, I always look forward to your reviews, I love reading your theories despite already knowing the story.

    1. Thank you, I appreciate it! <3
      Yeah, it really be really interesting to see whether the timeline will line up once it's August 4th and then around then he starts to question her about it- that is if he isn't going to confront her about it from where the episode ended this week.

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