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Why am I watching this again?
… Ah that’s right, it is my typical routine of trying out every new Precure Series to see if it’s something I will like about it.
In comparison to how Smile Precure started off, this is actually a bit more intriguing since there’s the mystery involved about what had happened to Makoto’s kingdom and how she wounded up as the supposedly last Precure until Mana became one. Another thing I particularly enjoyed was the fact that the people in the area were conscious to witness these crazy events and ‘Selfish’ Monsters wrecking havoc.
As per usual, I found it amusing to see the Heroine so chilled out about the enemies and how she’s like, “TRANSFORM” and nothing would happen. Also liked that the problem wasn’t resolved right away and that it was an already existing Precure, Makoto who defeated the first Selfish.
Dokidoki! Precure Ep 1 Img0004Despite the heroine being very sweet and has a big heart, I think she will be a relatively tolerable character. I am pretty sure that her motto of scolding the Selfish about their behavior will eventually grow annoying- that is if she continues to do so. Also I think it would be interesting to see her cope with betrayals or being back-stabbed (lol my sadistic fangirl is coming out) by others whom she helps- but there’s no telling whether we will actually ever get to see that. I certainly hope we do.
Hishikawa Rikka is one of Mana’s friends. By how she reacts to Mana helping people out and telling her to take it easy tells me that she probably is concerned about her friend’s kind actions to backfire or worse, be taken advantage of (which has already occurred as the teacher is relaxing while Mana is entrusted the responsiblity of supervision).
Dokidoki! Precure Ep 1 Img0024As for Makoto who is a celebrity in this world, she looks like she is a very guarded character and would rather work independently as she bears guilt for being unable to protect her kingdom is heavy on her shoulders.I’ll give this show a shot, I think I’ll enjoy it a lot more than Smile Precure (which I dropped at Ep 35- god knows how I managed to last that long watching that). The character designs aren’t particularly original when you look back at the other Precure Series, the heroine’s transoformation very closely resembles the Precure from Precure Suite. I also like the main mascots, they are hell of lot cuter and look to be far less annoying than that god damn screechy Candy from Smile Precure. The baby from the OP hasn’t shown up yet, so it makes me wonder whether it will be a couple of episodes before it does and whether perhaps it is the princess that we heard about from the enemies.
The character designs aren’t particularly original when you look back at the other PreCure Series, but I still find them okay.
Finally…. Ehh… I am not really sure how to react about the yellow-dude (we don’t know his name yet) saying how Mana is his sweetheart. With that said, it does make me curious whether the there’s going to be some bits of romance in this one or not, but I have my doubts as the last time there have been even the slightest romance was way back in Yes! Precure 5.
Possibility of Blogging: Unsure (Will give 3 to 5 Episodes before making up my mind)
Possibility of Watching: Yes


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