Robotics; Notes Episode 15: The Sleeping Beauty

Robotics Notes Episode 15 -  (38)

“Mr. Forecast, Mr. Forecast, will we have snow on the 24th of December?” – Airi


Because of the Solar Flares, a lot of technology has been infected by sudden bugs and went under maintenance for recovery. And because of this, Airi’s existence might also be erased. With this premonition, Kai was pressured to find all of the remaining Kimijima Reports before Christmas Eve – the said maintenance of the Iru-O servers that will delete all stored data and will cause Airi’s disappearance.

While searching for the last report, he was able to found something that Kimijima Kou left behind at his house – the original Airi – the real life form of Airi, sleeping in deep slumber.


I’m very much happy that they are able to focus on another character after the previous episode but not that happy that they have been dragging this thing on again. But to be honest, the story of Airi pretty much reminded me of King of Thorn (if you haven’t watched this yet, I do recommend it). And Kai is even lazier to even read the rest of the Kimijima Report No. 6 out loud and complained about how it was so confusing and how he didn’t understand the pile of information. Basing he’s still just a junior high student, I guess that’s pretty much explainable but hello? They ate just junior high student trying to build a huge robot that no one in place even dared to think about. I guess with that kind of technology they have, it’s not something so impossible. LOL

Kimijima Report No. 6 explained about the “Silent Weaponry” that the latest people have been planning to use on war. Apparently, as the way I have understood how it was stated, they might be using people, brainwash them making them unable to realize that there is war and that they will be killed. Best example will be on what happened to that co-developer of Frau from episode 14.

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The Solar Flare was not that strong unlike from what happened in the past. But it bugged a lot of servers all over the world and people in Tanegashima are having trouble with their PokeCom getting static and making weird noises. And mainly because of this, the Iru-O servers decided to do maintenance to counter this on Christmas Eve – out of all days! Frau also mentioned that the people in charge of the Iru-O are planning on server restart after the maintenance and will cause Airi to disappear since Airi is a stored data that Kimijima had added on the Iru-O server to serve a different purpose; although Sister Centipede serves a different entity on the Iru-O as an application. Kind of really hard to explain but as this review goes along, you might understand it? XD

Robotics Notes Episode 15 -  (24)Kai manage to get the flags set in Kimijima Report No. 6 while dealing with the weird Airi. She’s been talking about the snow on Christmas Eve and how the weather forecast has been saying every minute and gets excited for Christmas Eve – over and over again. All of these are for one reason: Airi’s birthday is on Christmas Eve. Although she’s a program set on the Iru-O server, she believes that the moment she opened her eyes to the world, which was on December 24, is her birthday. And for the snow to come on Christmas Eve had another reason and that is because if there’s a White Christmas, it will be a miracle for her and for the real Airi to be healed from her illness. Yes, the real Airi. After Kai manage to get the Kimijima Report No. 6 and planned to search for the last report – which doesn’t have more flags to set but to find the first 6 reports – Airi decided to go home where she and Kimijima Kou had been together before. She even mentioned that she cooks for him before. When Kai got to the house and found a basement of Kimijima’s research that happened to be the same with the abandoned building from episode 5 when Kai first found out about Sister Centipede. There, he found some familiar scenes (which was obviously from the footage taken out by Frau from the last episode of Gunvarrel on episode 14) and something interesting and when he learned what was that and what it contained, it was Airi – the real Airi.

Robotics Notes Episode 15 -  (30)Yukifune Airi is another one of those character born with a weak body and carrying an incurable illness, during her time. At the house where she’s being kept, she met Kimijima Kou who became dear to her as time goes by and even told her things that she has been thinking and especially the thing about the miracle that she has been waiting all her life. Until, her time is almost up. One Christmas Eve, when Airi lost all hope of living, Kimijima Kou suggested one way to save her life but dangerous as well but even so, Airi agreed to him. He was crying!!! OMG Does this mean Kimijima somehow have some relationship to Airi? I mean, is it really possible to a stranger such as Kimijima to even feel a care to Airi? I could only think of one thing: Airi has some connection to Kimijima. Kimijima let Airi sleep for long decades until technology would be able to cure her illness and made the application “Airi” to give her sweet dreams by showing her the world which she didn’t saw when she was still on her body. I deduced that what he did was actually something like what Kayaba Akihiko did from Sword Art Online on converting his consciousness into data but with the difference that whatever Airi see through that Iru-O app, it will only just be like a dream. As I mentioned, this idea was like from King of Thorn where an epidemic was incurable and they let limited people sleep in a time capsule (or whatever that was called) to preserve them for a while and when everyone from outside dies and the epidemic settles down, they will be saved and start a new generation. This is quite complicated to see since given that the technology during the time where Airi was first made, it was quite yet impossible to make something like you can convert one’s memory into data and convert it back again once she wakes up. Or it was just Kimijima’s excuse to keep Airi at ease while she goes into her deep slumber.

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“From now on, you will probably sleep for many decades. When you wake up, it will be a time your illness can be cured. I’m sure you’ll be lonely while you sleep, so let me show you a dream.” – Kimijima Kou

Kai, who doesn’t know what do after finding everything out, he called the police and went on ahead to talk to Airi, before the Iru-O maintenance. Both wished for a snow to come on Christmas Eve and Airi even made Kai promise that if it’ll snow, Kai must kiss her on her favorite spot: forehead. XD They even talked about being in love! HAHA It was a little weird but it was meaningful at the same time and it was really sweet of Frau to make it snow on the Iru-O just to make Airi’s wish come true. And because of that, Kai must kiss Airi on the forehead. XD Awkward but cute, I tell you.

Robotics Notes Episode 15 -  (42)
Pretty romantic, I’d say.

After the maintenance, true that Airi was deleted but the Iru-O Application, Sister Centipede is still there. I wonder if everything that had happened was calculated by Kimijima when he first created the Iru-O alpha. I mean, everything was right into place. The real Airi was found on Christmas Eve and there’s a maintenance that caused Airi to disappear on the Iru-O server on Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve is Airi’s birthday. IMO, it was too perfect.

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  1. Kimijima must have a very big battery (in the giga watt hour range) in his basement to keep Airi frozen like that for nearly a decade in an abandoned house? (or that someone must be helping him somehow to pay the, um, rather expensive electricity bills)

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