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Episode 5

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Today was a very laid back episode, and they are really taking things slowly- no surprise there because Precure Series always has about 45 episodes now days. But I have to say that today’s fight was quite bland and boring- usually it perks my interest a little more. Admittedly I couldn’t help but make pokemon references going, “Staryu (Selfish) used Rapid Spin” and all that. I also couldn’t help but laugh at the statement that Ira made pointing out at this rate there’s going to be a hundred Precures and I was like, “Whoops a bit too late for that” *points to Precure All-Stars movies* (I am always baffled at how they manage to fit every single precure from every series into one movie!).
I am very curious to see whether Makoto’s manager knows that she is a Precure, and whether she is related to her at all from Trump Kingdom. I have my doubts though because it felt that they cleared out that theory by pointing out how Makoto started as a singer.
Makoto sings because she wants to make people happy and smile.
Again, as I stressed in the past episodes this show continues it’s maturity streak this week with Mana being more aware of her surroundings and stopped talking when she realized that she was making Makoto angry. There has been a lot of times during these scenarios where Girl A who is trying to persuade Girl B and happens to be a huge fan hers, and would go on and on and on talking, oblivious to Girl B’s frustration and annoyance building up.
Another thing is acknowledging the responsibilities and (logically speaking – I know shocker!) backing up how they tracked Makoto down. With the amount of authority and power that Yotsuba’s family has, that alone allows them to have
It looks like it might be a couple of episodes before Makoto comes to trust them (I would say probably about three episodes at most if she doesn’t officially join them next week), but at least we see Makoto  coming to Mana’s house/shop to take part of a special show for television featuring Mana’s dad. It gives them a good chance to get to know each other more.

Episode 6

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Makoto takes part of hosting a cooking show featuring Mana’s father only to fail miserably during rehearsals. Mana and the others help her out and Makoto decides to trust them.

What just happened…?
Were they defeated?

Looks like it. At least at this point anyways since the ambush was successful.
I had actually thought they might have screwed something up in the script or something when Ira popped up. It totally threw me off. So of course I was like, “Hey hey, where’s the other guy?” Then the other guy showed up after Ira was defeated and ambushed them. You know what I love the most about this situation? It is the first time this guy is confronting them and he dumped them into wherever (I’m guessing it’s’ the Selfish Realm, maybe formerly Trump Kingdom? The preview told us that we will learn about what happened). Like we’re at episode 6, and the four of them, altogether are defeated. Tell me, WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME WE’VE SEEN THAT HAPPEN IN THIS SERIES? I don’t know, so i can’t say ahaha, but no seriously- tell me- I know for a fact it wasn’t Smile Precure that’s for sure.
While we know that it’s really next week that we will learn more about Makoto and her homeland, this episode did give us an insight on the reason why she is singing in the first place. She is trying to reach someone (I imagine the Queen or Princess, or… PLOT TWIST: A PRINCE! LOL as if that would happen) but she had realized that she has been forgetting something important, and that is singing with her heart.
We also learned that Makoto had no prior experience up to this point with cooking. Her first attempt was a disaster, from washing the carrots with soap to crushing the eggs. On top of that, SHE HAD NO IDEA THAT WAS FOOD! What in the world was it like in her world? Either it’s entirely different or because of the social rank she was in, she never had to cook in her life so she would never have seen the ingredients (that idea is seriously hard to imagine though…).
Another highlight in this episode was revealing that Davi is actually Makoto’s manager. I find her ability to take human form is super awesome- I did not see it coming- I mean, I knew she probably knew that Makoto was a precure, but I wasn’t sure how she was related to her.
The animation, wow. While they did play it smart in a way by focusing on maintaining the quality for the close ups alone- but there were some blunders. Well, not that it really matters though because this episode was kind of like a filler to just have Makoto grow closer to the girls and eventually come to trust them. It was sweet, I will give it that- but it was extremely boring.


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