Robotics; Notes Episode 18: Drama at Robot Expo

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Shit shit shit shit shit!!!
Oh my god I am so nervous right now- I don’t know whether I should be considered lucky because of the weather this forced me to get this out later than I initially had planned so now I can run off and watch Ep 19 right away. But before I do that, lets not put this nerve-wracking sensation go to waste.
While I had expected to see chaos and mass panic with the released Kimijima Reports, I suppose that was jumping the gun a bit because first the public has to believe it and on top of that- OF COURSE the media, especially if they are being monitored (by the higher authorities who wish to keep it a secret) won’t bring it up. I am glad that Kai went to confront Misa but there is still a lot of unanswered questions since all we got to see what really him doing the questioning and Misa going on how Aki is ‘ordinary’ and will never be successful like her (which pisses me off big time). But with that said, because she has said it so many times now and considering the present situation- I think this was all in good intentions to protect Aki to what is about to happen. Or at least that’s what I hope.
Robotics; Notes Ep 18 Img 0022Poor Aki who has been left in the dark the entire time is really out of luck right now. If worst comes to worst, Misa may have been shot dead just now by Sawada. However she might have been able to dodge it, but with her back to the gun it seems hard to believe, but that suit she’s wearing might be what saves her life. Speaking of which, we saw a glispse of her inside SUMERAGI. While it is only supposedly only a “concept” model, who knows what else it can actually do. All we know for sure, things are going to end badly for this Robot Expo and both Aki and Kai are stuck in the middle of the most dangerous scenario of all.
Robotics; Notes Ep 18 Img 0031With the whole tainted reputation of Gunvarrel, it was bound to attract some anti-Gunvarrel fans and get treated like trash. It was a scary sight to see Aki fall from the ladder after being hit by a bottle by the Antis, fortunately Mitchie caught her (NICE SAVE MAN!) and Sumio gave those goons a piece of his mind.
Admist the negative image, there was still hope as a young boy who adored and thought GunPro-2 was amazing thanks to the Iru-O. It was very sweet- even more so when Kai had really gotten into it too.
I am not sure whether Kai was able to get a little bit of closure by passing on Mizuka’s last words to Misa. It’s terribly sad to see him being plagued by that horrible memory and her spirit blaming him for not being able to save her. Worst of all that’s what I thought right in the beginning of that tragic scene (“WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU KAI!? GOD DAMN IT! STOP STANDING THERE AND HELP HER!!!!”) because Kai was kind of standing there and it took him a while to clue in that she was in serious danger.
Overall intense episode. The last few bits to mention is that it was cute to see Kai and Aki being all awkward when they realized they had to share a bed and room. It was nice to see it being plain and simple. It was also good to hear that Airi had woken up, but… hahaha err I’m not sure whether this is actually a good time to wake up considering the shit that is about to go down. It was also great (actually it was FANTASTIC) to see GunPro-2 moving around successfully and doing all the punches and crab-walk, I thought it was awesome!


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