Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 77 -  (22)

“Being larger doesn’t always aid survival.” – Banana Kavaro


As Gon and Killua talk more with Kite, they came to learn more about other species and, of course, about Chimeras. Eventually the two leading kids decided to tag along Kite and his members to help out with their investigation then knowing Chimeras possesses possibilities that they can be harmful to humans.


Kite’s been investigating about large creatures and he came to investigate about insects which are not really large creatures but then again – the Queen one is the thing that passes Kite’s qualifications. XD I just wanted to say that Hunter x Hunter 2011’s technology evolved too well in this remake. I remember seeing a meme about a comparison of Hunter x Hunter’s original animation and the remake where they compared Chrollo’s phone from the original then the remake. Same goes with Shalnark’s phone which he uses to control his “puppets”. This time, I get to see Kite’s phone and it’s even better than mine – touch screen (meh, I’m no fan of touch screens anyway). He even carries a better notebook than me. OTL Then, we get to meet more characters as we moved along the new arc. Man, this is the longest Arc in all Hunter x Hunter records and I expect we get to see a longer series with this show. Hopefully, the quality of animation and the pace of this arc won’t be as rushed and give me a big disappointment right after.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 77 -  (10)There’s Spinner Clow, Monta (Mon, as he preferred it to be), Stick Dinner – who happens to be in charge of cooking (I know, his name really does suits his specialty and that was a really lame joke but I still laughed, damn), and Banana Kavaro. Again, they have weird designs. LOL I can’t help but to say that, seriously but it seems to be that they are a bunch of good people – since they are tailing Kite for three years so it’s a rather given character. Each of them has their own characteristics as well and… Spin she’s a girl? Why does she have an almost-male voice actor here? And there I was, doubting her gender and took me a while to recover! You know, ever since I was introduced to the world of traps and how I was trapped a few times more than I could have imagined, I had always doubted anime characters. I know you guys had been there too. There’s another two members of Kite’s team, Pudongo and Lin, as he mentioned. And I actually came to like how Kite turned out after finishing his quest with Ging. A researcher is not that bad but it doesn’t really suit his look, does it?

We were told on how Kite and the others gotten themselves into the Chimera Ant’s space and how they became investigator for the case. Gon and Killua also became interested with the matter and requested for them to tag along the team. It’s really good to know that even though Killua still carries the name Zoldyck, there are people who can understand his decision of quitting being an assassin then being trusted by his words. You know, former member of a famous assassin family and just decided to quit, not anyone would believe such thing, right? Especially to strangers like Kite’s members. But since maybe because he’s with Gon and Kite so much trusts Gon to an extent, people around them would also be influenced by Gon (as he would have did to every character he meets anyway). Good for you, Killu!

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 77 -  (21)
Kite, do you know how long Chimera Arc is? Well, you don’t since you’re a character in this show and you won’t. LOL

Hunter x Hunter also suffers from Climate Change here! LOL It’s true that sudden or weird climate changes affects one species’ quantity number all over the world but for one to affect a species’ size is a little bit impossible. A mutation can be triggered, maybe but considering the size of the Queen Ant, I believe it’s not just a simple mutation due to climate change. Phagogenesis – I am sure I heard of this word somewhere outside Hunter x Hunter’s world, I just can’t remember where and when was it. But this ability sure is handy when it’s on humans. If you get to eat a fish, you’ll give birth to a human and a fish – thus, make mermaids exist! So if the Queen Ant gets to eat a human… a human-ant will be born. Not bad. But yes – it is bad! Just imagine every chimera gets to eat a human until extinction. D8

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 77 -  (29)

Well, the search for the Queen Ant went to nothing but then again, I am glad to see Gon being a dog once again. The last time was –when? Still back at the Hunter Exam Arc, right? That’s too long already. But I love how they didn’t saw at as weird or didn’t even try to laugh at him. XD

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 77 -  (33)

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