Karneval Episode 3: Nai’s Existence

Karneval Episode 3 -  (7)

“If trust grows within here, you’ll be friends forever.”


Nai had some serious head pain from the strong disturbance on his brain waves as shown from the previous episode. Although it didn’t really affect his physical condition, the party was still worried about him.


Karneval Episode 3 -  (3)Yogi… Oh Yogi… how can you be this cute when you are in a bishounen’s body? And I don’t really mind using you for human experiment either. This is the kind of attitude that attracts a lot of fans, imo. He’s cool at times then becomes this cute and gives hilarity to the show – which makes everything interesting. And how cute Tsukumo is. This baby, this girl. <333 Man, does this series has to give me a lot of characters that I should love? I mean, almost all of the characters in this show gives off these different aura yet makes the show interesting and hilarious at the same time. Also, not to mention, you get to fangirl into every character. Tsukumo who often shoulders responsibilities makes her a really good girl. She must have been taken really good care within Circus to become such a woman. While the others are quite fond of Nai and worried, Gareki says the opposite. Oh please, don’t play the tsundere here now, Gareki or I’ll slap you. Thank you, Doctor for saying about trust and all. That really helps Gareki wake his mind up concerning his surroundings and the people around him and stop isolating himself from the rest of the group.

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This rivalry seems interesting…

Karoku – I guess it’s about time we talk about him. So far, what we’ve seen and know about Karoku is that, he’s Nai’s friend and is missing and he’s looking after him. The previous episode showed Karoku at the end, kissing a rose at the garden of the enemy – too early to speculate that he’d be on their side anyway. He’s been communicating with Nai through telepathy and talking about some other person that’s been stealing Nai’s attention. The mystery of the Circus ID is yet to be revealed. This is enough information to let me know that Karoku is also deeply attached to Nai and at the same time, a possessive seme person. shot Although I can’t still encrypt his intention at the moment, (do take note that I didn’t read the manga up to the latest chapter so I really don’t know anything) I still feel like hating him for saying such mean things to Nai. Sure, he mind have sugar coated his words with you-must-not-drag-Gareki-in-this-mess but to think that he had other minor intentions by separating the both of them. If he’s not possessive over Nai, then what this makes him? If he worries about Nai so much, why not come to his side like… immediately? If he’s so damn pissed off by Gareki, being around Nai, why can’t he just show himself and tell the dark-haired guy to stay away from his prey? Okay, he sounded like an animal from my last statement but actually, I don’t really care. LOL

Nai, on the other hand, I am not so sure if this is because of the influence of Karoku that he’s willing to obey his words. I mean, Gareki obviously saved his life. He’s weak, no doubt. He’s too dependent. Even if he does have a pretty face, the fact that he’s being targeted by the enemy organization is reason enough for him to think about himself and not follow someone’s words especially if that someone is not even with him. AND CRY. I guess Nai is one of those characters who are super sensitive to the bones and are those that are still inexperienced of the real world. A child. An animal. A… WHAT?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMEGED LEMME LAUGH WITH HIRATO.

Karneval Episode 3 -  (21)
Exactly, Gareki.
Karneval Episode 3 -  (19)
Don’t worry, Hirato. I feel you, bro. XD

But a Niji? Actually it does look like Nai on some aspects and… bursts out laughing No, seriously, even if this is true, I’d still laugh. Man, induced more by Gareki’s imagination I couldn’t just…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Okay. I’m cool. I’m fine. Back to the topic. A— OH GAWWWDDD GAREKI DOESN’T MAKE ME LAUGH. HAHAHAHAHA Okay, okay. See, even Gareki thinks the same way as I do towards Karoku. And then Gareki also – damn it, DON’T SHOW SUCH A FUNNE SCENE, YOU DAMN SHOW. HAHAHAHAHAHA Oh how I love this episode and its level of hilarity. They should do that often. laughs

Okay, jokes aside. It seems we get to see the rest of the members of the First ship in a close up. Not that I can say that both ships are competing with each other when it comes to missions and all and if they are all a one big happy family if mixed altogether but that comment about Tsukumo’s weight seriously hit a sack there somewhere. I wonder where was that – oh well. Then we came on a deeper knowledge about Kafka – which I understand to be an old group within Circus was called and where the bracelet that Nai currently has came from. Some flashbacks concerning Gareki’s past and origin were also shown in this episode. I wonder if we would be able to get to see the whole thing later on since Gareki is an interesting character. Most interesting character carries such mysterious past anyway. And he was pretty much attached to being called filthy but then Nai… N-Nai… HAHAHAHAHAHA OKAY WELL, HAHAHAHAHA DAMN THIS.

We also get to know more characters: Yogi’s “grandfather” – I am not really sure if he’s really his real grandfather or if this is just a nickname he had called since basing on Yogi’s personality, he seem to be someone who’s fond of giving people around him nicknames (kind of reminded me of Kise from Kuroko no Basket). And another one was the doctor at the Research Tower that Yogi’s so scared of: Araki. Araki must have been too fond of Yogi to scare him off like that or he’s just a naturally born sadist in nature.

Now I’m starting to get why Karoku is so fond of Nai since Nai is new specie – human and Niji combined. He’s like a pet. A cute one at that. Also, Nai’s hearing ability came from his home’s environment. His home is actually pretty cool. Ahhh~ Another good scenery. And, well, more trouble, of course!

Karneval Episode 3 -  (41)

PS: Miyano Mamoru voiced Yogi so well that I came to like him even more!


Karneval Episode 3 -  (23)

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  1. Aw man, that being tricked by animal is hilarious!! Gareki tells Nai to “transform” in order to prove it at the end of the ep, ahahaha. Also, look at all the ships sailing in the distance~

    1. With so many ships, sailing, I have no idea what ship I should get into. I’m kind of in the level that… everything seems good. D8

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