RDG: Red Data Girl Episode 1 [First Impression]

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Eva’s First Impression:
Just one problem, I’m seriously confused, but at the same time I am intrigued.
We aren’t given any sort of briefs about what a Himegami is, or what makes Izumiko so special and needed to be protected (besides the fact that she is an endangered species). I am definitely curious to where this will go, and I like that for once I can tune into a more ‘serious’ P.A. Works production since for as long as I can remember it was always a slice of life, fluffy but solid dramas titles. Hopefully RDG won’t make any sudden turns of being too gorey or scary for me to watch as just at the end of the Opening, there was that eerie sequence that made me jump.
Izumiko is a unique girl but she doesn’t know what makes her that way. She is only learning now that she has spiritual power. Sagara claims that by cutting her hair is ‘proof’ that you want to reject her past self- which she wanted to do: change for the better as she desires to live a normal life- which is clearly not going to happen at time soon- or perhaps at all regardless of all adapting to her powers.
What we do know is that whenever she touches technology she breaks/destroys it. She has this strange experience of suddenly going underwater and then communicating with her father without even realizing it. Once she does however, she freaks out and questions what is happening and how it is even possible. I wonder why her family and those who work at the Shrine feel the need or have to keep it from her. She either had forgotten or is purposely left in the dark about the matter. Perhaps by knowing too much might trigger something. Anyhow because of the fact she isn’t ‘normal’ she constantly being bullied, and it’s unfortunate that she lets them walk all over her. I am glad she has two friends, but I fear that they are doing it out of pity. So I am praying that they are genuinely real friends.
Those around her are definitely underestimating her will to change. It also feels like they don’t want her to think for herself too much or make her own choices (such as she wasn’t supposed to cut her hair, everyone asked about permission (and the fact it was apparently badly done considering everyone’s reactions)).  So it’s all the matter of control. She is quite frankly a caged bird.
Sagara has definitely set off some alarms for what kind of character he is. The fact that he is two-faced is very alarming. It is very clear to us, and Izumiko that Miyuki sure as hell did NOT slip down a mountain, but was beaten badly by Sagara himself- who is supposed to be his father (now that’s fucked up).
With that said, it is no surprise that the Miyuki is on bad terms with his father and you can hardly blame his present attitude of being a jerk towards Izumiko. Yes, it is wrong to lash out against her but still- he is being forced to transfer and be Izumiko’s manservant AND was beaten by his father because he didn’t want to.
On the extra note, I also noticed that (besides the hint in the OP) right off the bat, they made it very clear that they are already setting up romance developed between Miyuki and Izumiko. Of course Izumiko presently has a crush on Wamiya who I do feel is a potential threat to her. (TRUST NO ONE!)
Overall slow, confusing but definitely intriguing start to the series. I am all for blogging this show, we’ll see whether anyone else will be joining me.
Possibility of Blogging: Guaranteed
Linzz’s First Impression:
Interesting. I am so interested and there is no slight trace of sarcasm in this statement at all. Above all things, I really like the animation and the character designs that were shown on the opening sequence. Man, it’s like watching Hakkeden all over again with all those good-looking characters to surround a good-looking girl! Plus the story is pretty much interesting. I know I could have watched/read something of the same plot – a princess has a knight/servant that will protect the princess from danger – but none the less, with legends to back this show up, I believe it deserves some original credits at hand.
The characters were okay. Despite the main girl, Izumiko’s lack of confidence on telling what is on her mind, she has a really strong will deep inside and it shows not that obvious but one viewer can say. The mystery behind her existence also adds points up to her character. Shy characters or those characters with confidence disorder are usually attractive if there’s a mystery behind their existence in a show and this show has one character that has it and it’s the main female lead. The male lead, as it was obvious, Miyuki (OMG why does he have a popular-on-females name?) also has a really good character. But I am not sure where his hate towards Izumiko came from or from what/where it originated since his hate towards her is… incomparable as I can sense it from his way of treating the girl throughout the episode. They might have different personalities but I am sure we’re going to get something out of it on the next few episodes. But HE IS MY INSTANT CRUSH his looks is really good and not to mention he has this weird relationship with his “father”. I doubt it. I doubt it.

Red Data Girl Episode 1 Linzz's First Impression - (2)

I doubt it.

For an episode one, it was too short – it didn’t show the show’s potential and the actual show’s initial target at least. I wasn’t able to grasp the synopsis given out on the episode but this doesn’t mean it wasn’t well done. In fact, I like how they manage to introduce the characters in one go. Also, with this huge hint of a romance, it was a little disappointing since I CAN SERIOUSLY SHIP IZUMIKO AND MIYUKI JUST BY SEEING THAT OPENING SONG and how these two characters are so compatible like two opposite poles. Who said they repel each other? Doesn’t opposite poles like… attract each other? For some reason, how I hate knowing that Izumiko is not so sporty at all. At least, play the volleyball or something. OTL
PS: Opening songs these days… they are even hurtful than clicking those spoiler tags on Mangafox. OTL
Possibility of Blogging: Medium although I can sense Eva’s determination into this show so I might just leave it to her and if ever my time in real life permits me so, I’m happy to share this show.
Possibility of Watching: Yes. Good animation and awesome character designs plus an interesting story of Princess and her Knight, why not?


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  1. witchy says:

    Been waiting for your thoughts about this, Eva! Ü Since KH anime ended, I needed a good romance/ mystery to look forward to(and esp. the end of SSY and P-P). >.<
    I like how beautiful PA Works's visuals are as usual, and admittedly, yes, I'm glad Miyuki's chara design isn't same as Kou from that anime show of Ohana(forgot the title) and one of that guy from Tari Tari. =.=
    Somehow, Izumiko doesn't come off as shy to me. She's…reserved? Like an ojou-sama. I don't like Miyuki in this ep. He's quite full of displacement right now…and I think…envy for Izumiko. After all, she has a say in the matter and boss him around if she can. XD
    The cgaracters might not be the most refreshing, but as usual, I will stick around to see how they'll develop, including the plots—which are intriguing to me. Ü It seems like there are six novels…so…They'll most likely just adapt four…? =.= Gah.

    • Eva says:

      😀 Awwww thanks! Have you watched AMNESIA yet? While it isn’t really a solid “romance” there are some goodies and the mystery is great, so you might be in for a treat. XD
      P.A. Works is my all-time favorite studio when it comes down the backgrounds/landscapes. They always have such a high quality cinematic feel to it.
      Yeah I agree that she probably isn’t shy, just reserved. If she were shy, she would feel more closed off to people around her. I think what makes her look shy is her lack of interactions and her soft voice.

    • Tenderfoot says:

      Regarding the books; from what I could find the 6th novel is the last one, so the anime should be a complete adaption of the whole story. Which is good, since they wont have to do an original ending or leave it open for a second season! Unless they really screw it up, I’m looking forward to where the show will go.

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