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“You must’ve remember something very sad.”

Awww this episode gave me a whole bunch of feels *TEARS*. This episode heavily focused on Ledo adapting and learning more about the culture and the lifestyle on Gargantia. Throughout the episode he felt very confused about why the children were running about, questioning why they weren’t doing any military training along and why they kept the weak (since in his culture those who were ill or were too weak, would be disposed of). After having met and talked to both the Doctor and Bevel, it really opened up Ledo’s mind.
Suisei no Gargantia Ep 4 Img 0019I absolutely adore Bevel, I really do. I hope this kid survives till the very end because he is extremely precious and very wise for his age. The Doctor was right about Bevel being the right one to educate Ledo and his share knowledge by explaining in a very simple and efficiently how life is. He was able to explain to Ledo by using the terminology that Ledo is familiar with such as “Standby” (which was used to explain that this is their ‘free’ life-style. It would be what Ledo would be doing once they were to defeat the Hideauze) to help him connect his experience of life to theirs.
Suisei Ep 4 memory flashI wasn’t expecting that last bit at the end when Ledo had a memory flash of a little boy who looked awfully alike him who would play the Hideauze’s tooth as a flute. I think he could possibly be his brother, who perhaps was one of the poor innocent people who were ‘weeded’ out for being too weak. It is just so heartbreaking because Ledo doesn’t understand the concept of family, and he doesn’t have an answer to Bevel’s question of is there anyone who needed him (aside from the military effort). It was just so heartwrenching, and I knew that Ledo was going to cry at some point- and I was caught off guard just how soon it was, but it was precious moment. He remembered something he had long forgotten when Bevel had played the Hideauze’s tooth’s (which by the way I always figured could be treated as an instrument). Unfortunately I have my doubts that we will see this boy again, but I would love to learn more about his relationship with Ledo (especially if he does turn out to be his brother) since he looked very happy to have interacted with him and felt sad when he suddenly disappeared before him.
Suisei no Gargantia Ep 4 Img 0008Chamber this episode was exceptionally adorable (the way he handled the children climbing all over him I can’t!!!!!). I cannot stress enough how much I adore the fact he has a personality. For Ledo, despite the fact that Chamber is only a piece of technology, whether he realizes it or not, they are a family because regardless of the fact it may be part of their duty,  they have always been together and supported each other. A great example of Ledo helping Chamber out is when he had gotten tangled in the ropes while trying to move multiple containers at once.
Another thing that I have been really enjoying is how much depth they have been exploring this culture. It of course makes sense that they explain it because that’s all part of the story since Ledo has never experienced any of this. I LOVED that they showed us how they would collect Fresh Water- rain is ESSENTIAL. I am sure if they were to experience a drought, finding fresh water would be extremely difficult and there would probably be an unrest amongst the different ships.
Suisei no Gargantia Ep 4 Img 0015One of the most interesting facts that the Doctor pointed out is that the technology Ledo has it something that they once had but have been lost. The only records they have found only goes so far into history (I think their most up-to-date records of the past was about just our general satellite that we still use today). One of the things I really want to know (but is probably going to be left in the dust for us to theorize and speculate on our own) is how did Earth end up the way it is. Looking at our present scientific speculations we have today, this could be the result of Global Warming causing sea level to rise (something that is a high possibility of having happened in this story since the cities and once lands are all underwater- hence everyone is living on these giant ass ships that could almost be considered as Noah’s Arc itself) to perhaps an Ice Age (all that ice gotta melt and go somewhere folks), Natural Disasters (Mega Volcanic Eruptions) to even something striking Earth from Outer Space. But ultimately, my biggest curiosity is still whether the  Hideauze have ever invaded or even possibly originated from Earth itself.
While I am on the subject on technology, we learned a few more things about Chamber’s technology. The first one that Chamber can be given orders by other people when permitted, and the second one is that Ledo wears a transmitter- which is something that was used in the first episode but was given a full explanation about it just in case anyone who was confused on how Ledo has been able to understand them on his own and without his suit on properly. I imagine that some people may have even thought it was the suit itself since up till now, he has worn it like it’s supposed to.
Overall great episode, lots of feels- I cried when Ledo cried (how could I not? He’s my baby!) He has been doing so well learning the language- while it’s certainly not perfect I applaud him for even giving it a shot.


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  1. Linzz

    This episode was sooooo goooodddd!!!
    I can’t help but to like everything in this episode. Well, this doesn’t mean I didn’t like the previous episodes anyway but the mixture of feelings and how my emotions dwell up on this was soo good. It felt good! Plus, Ledo is soooo lucky to found himself on Earth, seriously. This way, maybe his combat abilities may change too.
    In another view… if you’ve watched a peaceful and touching episode, prepare for action on the next! Wooohooo Can’t wait.
    PS: Chamber bondage. *coughs*

    1. raneem

      I know this episode was ultra cute and nice, But I’m really waiting for action scenes to come .. as only a few action has happened till now .. me too, can’t wait .. also waiting to know more about Ledo ..

  2. higgsbosoff

    I seriously hope it’s not going to end up with the flooding being due to just polar ice caps melting, because that would be very unscientific – in fact, even if both the polar caps melted, the water wouldn’t be nearly enough to flood the entire planet, only the coastlines. The effects on the climate would be unpredictable, but still, there is not enough water on our planet to go full-fledged Waterworld. That would change of course if there had been such a catastrophic event that it literally flattened the landscape (an Hideauze attack?) or if water was imported from the outside (comets?). Or it could be that the Gargantians are actually only floating around in a ocean following their energy currents and never take land because of this? Or that land still exists, but is inhabitable/radioactive? Or even that the entire planet shrunk for some reason (could happen maybe as a consequence of its core cooling down, which would also cause a colder climate. But that would take a LOOONG time, unless the ancients did something stupid like digging EXTREME amounts of heat/magma from the mantle), and then the ice caps melted. That could do it, but I’d need to do the math to see if it’s actually possible XD.
    Anyway, great episode. I’m a bit worried about these scientific aspects, but it’s just a detail. Suspension of disbelief is there for a reason after all ;).

    1. Eva

      Yeah the polarcaps melting and causing sea-level to rise would really only impact the below-sea-level areas. (Which could be the areas that we have seen so far). An Ice Age could probably pull it off varying on the scale of it. The comet- ehh a bit hard to picture but I don’t know about that aspect enough to debate on it.
      Well anyhow it would be a major key that if Earth is an almost entirely made out of ocean all over again almost as if it were slapped with a RESET button. (there was a point in time when the ocean levels were VERY high- I can’t remember word to word but I’ve recently learned this in a NOVA documentary about Australia having one of the most remarkable records of Earth’s development and history. itwasstunning).

      1. higgsbosoff

        Found a reference!
        Very interesting, so they’re saying that the land emerged for… exactly the mechanism I proposed for it disappearing, mantle cooling XD. Then maybe in Gargantia they heated the mantle back up?
        Also, a single comet would transport something around a hundred trillions kilos of water. Not much compared to the total oceanic mass. I’m at a loss here. I wonder if a catastrophic geological phenomenon of crust destruction could do it, and if that could be triggered by an asteroid impact or something like that (probably not, but it might still feel… sort of believable?).
        Nevermind, I just hope they don’t go for the “Waterworld” explanation. That would be very lazy.

  3. BNV

    “I cried when Ledo cried (how could I not? He’s my baby!)”
    My “LOL” of the week. XD
    I have to say this anime is turning out amazing. The animation and sceneries continue to work well with Suisei no Gargantia. The pacing is different from most sci-fi and mecha series (such as Valvrave no liberator) because of its tense, action pack sequences, but I like the pacing I’m seeing in this anime; I’m surprised Suisei no Gargantia is turning out to be more Slice of Life. I like that the director and script writer are giving the audience the chance to connect and characterize the various characters in this series– particularly Ledo and Bevel. During Ledo and Bevel’s conversation, there was a subtle brilliance about Ledo’s militarized persona clashing with Bevel’s optimism but wit. I was mesmerized from the beginning to the end.
    I’ve read commentors from other sites, and I agree that the Galatica Alliance Ledo is part of may be a negative impact for him compared to Ledo’s claim that Amy’s society is disorganized. Just seeing Ledo experience rain, watching young, charismatic kids, and dealing with repressed emotions for the first time, I find Ledo’s journey becoming more and more fascinating to watch. Note: especially next episode when Ledo may have to deal with girls with bathing suits. :3
    It’s odd because seeing Ledo “left out” in the most part through-out this episode made me relate to him, which is hard to accomplish since I’m no military pilot, but seeing Ledo’s confusion and unsure purpose gets me thinking how do you live on being just a weapon as your only purpose? We see Ledo once a soldier going military commando to now a human being learning about empathy. I just can’t enough of this anime! I’m loving it more after each episode.
    I’m beginning to love Chamber too because he’s hilarious to watch. XD Chamber’s “shuu” movement with the kids was funny.

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