Mossan, you’re back!

Mossan has been appearing everywhere- he’s becomes the mascot of a a curry store, and has even spawned an anime. Azazel and Beelzebub take this opportunity to take a plushie replica made by the demon Ose back to the demon world. The meet with Mossan’s brother, also known as “Moloch,” and convinces him to take on the plushie form to return to the human world in order to surprise attack Akutabe.


I’ve been looking forward to this show for a while, and it may not appear too polished compared to the high-budget shows out there, Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san always stood out for its moderately violent comedy, and genuinely interesting characters. Cuticle Detective Inaba is very much like this show, but while Cuticle Detective plays on the tropes we know well (furry boys, a bit of BL action, traps), this show is original in humour, and it knows pacing. While not every part is funny, it builds up to the scenes you want.

The demons are still trying to get their revenge on Akutabe for summoning and abusing them, and form the sounds of it, this is going to end badly for the demons. Rinko gets a pitchfork to the behind (bear with me, this show is really weird), but it is swiftly retailiated with a book to the head that drives Azazel through the building and into the Earth’s core. While this is the extreme of the weird blend of violence and humour, it still works out.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of Akutabe in the next episode, he always did make the show better in his own way. What’s odd, still, is that the demons appear more human in the demond world than in the human world. The disconnect between appearances either means that Akutabe has weird powers, or the “lesser” forms of demons are generally more easily maintainable than “human forms” outside the demon world.

The new “Mossan”- I wonder how well he’ll do in his mission. He’s clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed, and out of everyone, he is the one that most likely to underestimate Akutabe. Azazel and Beelzebub are clearly just someone else to do their work.

I hope there’s a real opening next week, and not this weird Mossan parody. -.-

Possibility of Watching: High

Possibility of Blogging: High

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  1. Eva

    TT^TT I am so sad that it’s only 10 minutes again. I was hoping it’d be 20 minutes /sobs
    I really enjoyed this episode. I cannot wait to see Akutabe’s TRUE wrath. Mwahahaha!

  2. Wanderer

    As far as I know, upon entry into Akutabe’s office, there’s a ward placed onto the demons that weakens them into their chibi form. I forgot if this was mentioned in the last anime series, but I believe the manga mentioned it was something like that.

    1. Eva

      Azazel-san even mentioned it himself when he warned Mossan what would happen once they go into the Human World this episode.

      1. Kal

        Yes, I remember that from last season, it’s just that they happen to be hilarious in plushie form, but they’re pretty humanoid in the demon world. Mossan looks a demon cow, but Beelzebub looks almost normal (which leads to the oddest ‘ships from the land of Pixiv). XD

        1. Wanderer

          Well, Beelzebub’s true form is d’at giant fly. I don’t see how normal that is lol. I guess his human appearance is just a mere disguise via shapeshifting, since its tough to live a life when you’re godzilla-like 24/7…

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