Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Episode 9

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Ep 9 0025


Today we learned more about the origins of the AHSMBs and JURIA-SYSTEM and who the Wulgaru are, which is confidential information revealed to Team Rabbit in order to prepare them for future battles. I am curious to why they want to keep it confidential about who the Wulgaru are, but perhaps they wish to do that so that they can prevent anything from being leaked that could give their enemies a tip off. It turns out that Theoria is a Wulgaru defector who was the one responsible for delivering leaked information about the Wulgaru’s plans to invade Earth as well as their technology. They adapted to it by creating the JURIA-SYSTEM so that humans can pilot the AHSMBs.
Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Ep 9 0001Izuru’s AHSMBs had stopped functioning when he had initially wanted to pursue the enemy in order to prevent him from doing so. While the engineers and Izuru believes that it just means that he hasn’t fully tamed the system yet, I think it was a survival instinct because of the damage  he had suffered from the battle against Jiato, leaving him open and vulnerable in the cockpit. I am sure if Izuru were actually stronger and the suit wasn’t as damaged plus having the cockpit slashed open the system may have allowed him to pursue the enemy.
As result of the battle, despite the fact the Wulgaru army had retreated, they were the ones who had won that battle that was entirely one-sided except for Team Rabbits and Dobermans and had successfully annihilated at least 40% of their army. If the Wugaru army had stuck around, the rest of the fleet would have most definitely been destroyed.
It doesn’t help the fact that Team Rabbit are identified as ‘Heroes’ again to ‘make up’ for their loss. Having heard that, they aren’t happy about it since it’s basically repeating the same issue they had the first time. Poor Toshikazu is feeling the pressure and is frustrated with himself for not doing better and failed as a leader since a child from the engineer team got all pissed off at him (stupid kid). Izuru was still coping with the shock and having to deal with keeping what he had saw confidential until later on when the Commander had spilled the beans to the entire team. As for Kei, rather than being all caught up with what had just happened, it looks more like she is frustrated and upset that Izuru wouldn’t talk to her about it (not that he could since it was confidential at the time) but on top of that, it appears it looks like she might harbor feelings towards Izuru as she looked a little jealous at the way he chased after Theoria and started at her when she entered the meeting room.


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  1. Somehow, I feel hinted that Izuru, or maybe some other members of Team Rabbits (or maybe their whole school) has Wulgaru genes. This is a wild guess, but considering the background (genetically engineered soldiers), it is a possibility.

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