Karneval Episode 7: A Parade

Karneval Episode 7 -  (7)

“What does it mean to care about someone?” – Nai


The great shock from the previous episode left Gareki depressed ever since. In order to cheer Gareki up, Yogi decided for both Nai and Gareki to join the parade that the Circus will be doing in order to help out the First Ship during their investigation with a rabbit, having its defense malfunction, on the loose. Not only that, because of that rabbit, Tsukumo’s life has been put into danger.


Karneval Episode 7 -  (4)
Tsukumo, I am very impressed.

Tsukumo!!! Why have you disappeared! Well, yeah, it has been a while since I last saw this girl. A week or two weeks ago? Man, with these too many good characters of Karneval I wonder how they would be able to pull off the justified character development for most of the characters (because all would be totally impossible) on the anime (since I know the manga is running long already). And my long awaited costume for Nai came! celebrates After getting involved with the Circus, Nai’s been getting a lot of good clothes than his default one back from the first episode but I want something flashy like those the Circus people are wearing and here it is! Look at how adorable he is! While Gareki had to wear horns and was forced to look like Lambo from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Tsukumo, please choose a better costume the next time. One that can boost your epicness in one pack.

Karneval Episode 7 -  (21)
Please ignore him. He’s just Gareki, being gay, inside the costume.

So, what does caring for someone really mean? Even I do not have a definite answer for that. LOL And this is just a small step for Nai to learn about humans. Now I’m getting the feeling that Karoku did this on purpose, to set up Nai, in order for him to be exposed to the outside world and learn a lot of things without his aid. If that were true, I bet he’s thinking that “experience is the best teacher.” Still, it’s good to know that Nai is slowly adapting to his surroundings more than when we first saw him. Plus, we get to see Gareki in a costume and trying hard to be as merry as he can to deal with the kids! HAHA This is all thanks to that rabbit on the loose. It’s good to know that after a depressing and emotional episode, we get an episode like this for a while. And I wonder how Gareki does that brow crouching with the costume while he’s inside. I am very curious.

Karneval Episode 7 -  (20)Okay, I wanna skip the rest and will focus on the mermaid Tsukumo-chwaaaaannn. Oh how I love to look at a pretty lady in a good costume with a pretty face and good personality like her. Okay, I know I am praising her too much especially I’m a girl but then, hey! She’s just as adorable as she is and I came to love her! Not to mention, there’s also Jiki who will be her partner on play for the episode. That confession line! I want him to say that to me! Why am I so ready to ship these two right now? Wait – chill, myself, chill. And to think that Tsukumo will play a really important role this episode (except for being the lead mermaid for the play) makes me so happy. She’s so cute and even if she were in danger, she absolutely act according to her work – the ultimate defense force, Circus – and doesn’t want anybody to get hurt. I should also mention how badass Iva is when he stepped into the stage impromptu and stack her left foot into Jiki’s face.

Akari keeps his distance on women because he’s more worried about Hirato and Tsukitachi – I mean that cute little thing that keeps on following him around. Its okay, Akari-sensei. You can have fun sometimes. Still that Tsukitachi, trying to undone his tie in front of Hirato after a drink… drove me insane.

Karneval Episode 7 -  (35)
I am as curious as you.

PS: Gareki’s acting sucks. lol

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