Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000% Ep 6

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I don’t know what is Ren’s overall popularity is in the fandom, but I was never a fan of him and this episode didn’t exactly make him change how I feel about him. If there’s one significant improvement from last season, it would be that he isn’t so much of a douche (whenever someone or something pissed him off) anymore, seeing how kindly he approached the topic of asking Cecil if he is still not interested in becoming an idol. This episode was honestly for most part felt extremely boring and it really didn’t help that the song was so bland and I hate to say it, but there nothing special about it. It was so lame. It’s a pity really because I know Ren’s seiyuu after having heard him LIVE on LIVE STAGE performance that he does have a great voice…
Utapri S2 Ep 6 Img 0020The episode focused on more about his relationship with his elder brother who is sponsoring Japan Boys Collection that Ren was requested to take part in. At first since what we had seen last season, Ren wasn’t particular excited about it since he knows that he is only going to be used as a poster boy for his family’s company. However that wasn’t actually the case since Ren’s brother loves his music and wanted to help him get into a music career by having ordered him to attend Saotome Academy. He was also the one to help Haruka out by sprinting and injuring his wrist after an epic fail of a fall while rushing to the PA room to put on Ren’s instrumental BGM. Despite how dull the episode was, it was sweet to see the two brothers have a bonding moment and having the misunderstandings between them cleared up.
Utapri S2 Ep 6 Img 0024I do respect Ren for having stepped back after realizing he’s being a bit too forward for Haruka when he was planning to give her a kiss. This is obviously a simple example Cecil should follow since he tends to be quite pushy about it. But holy smokes, Ren was shooting innuendos all day today. For most part Haruka was oblivious to it until Ren connected it to music such as, “I had no idea that my songs were making you so hot.” and Haruka caught on.


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0 thoughts on “Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000% Ep 6

  1. Honestly speaking I think I’m kind of disappointed with how the episodes have been progressing. It just seems like the guys are taking turns trying to woo Haruka, and she’s starting to lose the little charm she had to begin with. She seems unrealistically clueless. >_> But I guess the episodes do bring out each individual guy’s character, which is nice! And like you said, thank goodness Ren wasn’t as forward as Cecil was! >.<

    1. Well it’s not that bad as we are given the chance to learn more about the guys in comparison to last scene that barely gave us anything at all except for Tokiya since he was the central focus.
      Imo I wouldn’t say so much unrealistic she’s just oblivious that’s all (maybe I’m just used to oblivious heroines *shrugs). Once someone connects it with music like Ren had or makes it absolutely clear what they are in love with her such as Cecil, she catches on.
      We are almost done seeing each of their individual episodes as we only have Natsuki, Cecil and Tokiya left to see. I am actually half expecting Tokiya to have a half episode about individual work because of the amount of time he was in the spotlight he had last season. Unlike the other boys, he was the only one who really had gotten any development. So that will probably leave us to the last 3 episodes focusing on whatever drama ensues for their Utapri Award. All I hope it has a better and more legitimate wrap up and reason than last season’s conclusion.

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