Karneval Episode 12: Childish Plan

Karneval Episode 12 -  (22)

“It’s the job of humans to use their imagination. And ours, to create and make it a reality.” – Uro


Now that the mission is settled, all that is left to do is for Hirato to imitate a plan together with the First Ship’s captain and Araki-sensei to raid mansion that was mentioned by Karoku in Nai’s dream.


I understand that this seems to be a trap too but considering Karoku has this unpredictable personality (actually, just like Nai is but Nai’s a little denser), there’s a side of me that is telling me that it is likely his way of seeing Nai once again – and I do not know what kind of relationship these two has so yeah, I’m just speculating here. But then again, Hirato has a point that even Circus is having trouble tracking down Kafka and this is their big chance to take a step on their main mission as the Defense Organization. I never knew that Araki is a defensive kind of person or prefers to be always safe. But then again, maybe he knows something about Kafka as well that the Circus doesn’t know too – especially the fact of the Research Tower having previous members which were dragged into the Varuga mess. The one who killed Gareki’s “family” is one of them. I’m sure there is more to our pink-haired guy than it was shown.

Karneval Episode 12 -  (5)

Hirato, what is with the hand-holding technique? Can this show please stop giving me hints of BL? I like BL, I really do, but I cannot concentrate on this with all these things! LOL

Karneval Episode 12 -  (8)Gareki’s been curious about what is being a child of the Second Ship really means and Yogi deliberately lied on his answer. I can actually imagine Hirato as a good father but to be more precise, I really like Tsukitachi more as a father. LOL Or maybe if it’s on Nai’s case. But on Gareki’s case, Hirato will be a perfect father for him. Yes Gareki, if you can’t be proud of yourself especially in a place where everyone around you gives you more than anything you could have asked for is really frustrating. It’s like what I’ve felt when I’m under my parents’ wing where I am already at the good age of getting myself a job and be an independent child already. Yogi’s reaction has always been super exaggerated but I always see him as 200% more exaggerated whenever it is about Gareki. Just remember that time at the snowy place! And now! That face!

Oh please God of BL, stop this before I go insane and forget about the whole thing this show is about.

Karneval Episode 12 -  (9)LOL I guess Nai developed a fear towards Jiki. I can’t really blame him after he showed his actual colors using Gareki as a… dummy for training during their stay on the First Ship. I’m also really curious about as to why Yogi is so scared of Akari. I mean, I can understand Nai’s fear towards Jiki but not with Yogi’s fear towards Akari. As far as I can remember, this show hadn’t showed me enough information about the relationship between the Circus characters – except how cool they are individually and how exaggerated Yogi’s reactions are.

Circus’ uniform. Oh. My. Goodness. Isn’t this the first time I’ve seen all of the Circus members in their uniform?! Too bad that Nai and Gareki didn’t have one. Q_Q If only Gareki would say yes on Hirato’s invitation before instead of lying he wants to leave the ship and Nai behind, it could have been cooler. They should do this often. I mean, level of coolness just doubled up! Now, all that’s left is for both Gareki and Nai to join the party! Especially Gareki with his technical abilities (and not to mention his awesomely swift hands that can steal stuff without being noticed).

Of course, a fight against Kafka will not be complete without them, using their special weapons which took those years to grow – the Varuga. And Eri!!! OMYGAWWDDD Girls-in-love are totally hard to control especially they are in a state of becoming a yandere any minute now. Eri – a female character that’s obviously obsessed with Karoku and has pink hair. Oh yes, I know where this character is going and to add that she’s really desperate of having Karoku as hers. And LOL! JUST LOOK AT THAT TIMING! HAHAHAHAHA Man, I seriously laughed out loud after seeing my beloved Tsukumo-chan barged in from the window with Iva. XD

Karneval Episode 12 -  (32)

Excuse me as I fangirl over Tsukumo’s encantation~

And just when Circus is taking control of the situation, another twist in the bucket has been lifted to make the story longer! Azana’s seems to be out of his senses. Yes, he is. I guess all of genius people are prone to becoming psycho depending upon their environment and upbringing? And there’s what?! ANOTHER KAROKU?! OKAY SHOW, I AM OUT OF MY MIND.

OH GAWD NAI!!! NAAAAAAAAAIIII!!! literally speechless

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