Karneval Episode 9: Circus’ Allergy

Karneval Episode 9 -  (34)

“I’m not going to end my life. I am a member of Circus. I’ll die for my friends!” – Tsukumo


Yogi in his transformed form attacked the two enemies and made them go for a retreat and unconsciously, he protected Gareki beyond his transformed self’s reason. When he regained his consciousness and after transforming back to normal, he fainted and resulted for them to be picked up by the Research Tower and Tsukumo-chan being kidnapped.


Karneval Episode 9 -  (12)Yogi is read to rooooooooooooooooooooccc – coughs coughs Okay, one more time: Yogi is ready to roooooooccckk!!! Yeaaaaaaahhhh-haaaaaaa! That sounded like a coyboy. You can say that Yogi is a person that hides all other matters that seriously affects his inner self or triggers his anger or sadness or any other negative emotions present in a human heart. In short, he’s a playing-safe kind of person with all smiles and denials. Other than that kind of personality, in a single case that I can think of, Yogi turned into someone like… Karoku? I mean, the hair color changed and he somewhat had a fetish and became dummier all of the sudden. Good thing head bumps works pretty well on idiotic characters. This happens a lot in anime. And Yes, I like that Yogi and Gareki atmosphere. Gives me more guts to sail a ship. No matter how curious I am with what happened to Yogi, please comments, do not accept any spoilers. LOL Let us just discuss what happened this episode, shall we? With Yogi’s issue solved, another problem shows up once again.

Karneval Episode 9 -  (8)What?! My dear Tsukumo-chan was defeated in a battle by someone (who also said she was cute, by the way, which she is) from Uro-san’s group (I give up, I can’t remember the name and I’m too lazy to look up from the previous episode too). And my dear Tsukumo got kidnapped and all Nai can do is scream her name the second time in this episode. Now, I’d like to remind anime character to never tell another character not to leave a place because in the end, they will be forced to do so and I will remind readers/viewers out there that whenever a character tells another character not to leave a place to make them safe, something bad will happen to the former. So… yeah – pretty common scenario over anime shows. And I’m not sure how I should put Karoku’s reaction towards Nai’s negative emotions that he’s currently feeling. The only thing that popped into my head after he mentioned Tsukumo’s name was: maybe he used his own body to personally experiment in order to make Nai. Of course, since I don’t really read the manga and I don’t have enough clues on how to put things together for now, this is just a speculation on my part. Since, you know, Karoku knows what’s going on with Nai even though he’s far away and he can communicate with Nai without the use of any means aside dream/telepathy/illusion AND he knows exactly what Nai is thinking and with a weird fetish towards Nai’s screams. And yes – I kind of like that Uro and Karoku atmosphere. It adds more irritation in my case.

Karneval Episode 9 -  (18)Let me curse how cool those phones the Circus members are holding. If that happen to exist in real life, I won’t buy one. LOL I mean, people can see through the other side of the phone, right? My privacy will be ruined if that is so (meh, as if I use phones for privacy-related stuff anyway; I just use them for music purposes XD). For someone like Tsukumo, it was not a wise decision to use ropes to tie her up and this applies to all Circus members. Not to mention I was able to see a pretty good side of Uro-san after knowing two of his men did something stupid. And that little girl, Eriyuska… not only her name is so hard to pronounce and freakingly unbearable to type (I should refer to her as Eri from now on), her personality is also the in the same league as her name. Not that I hate it but, I just don’t like it. Added by her obsession towards Karoku. I believe that Uro’s group – a.k.a. the Kafka – has this belief of using one’s search for love and hope as a weapon to control other people. In simpler words, using one’s weaknesses in life in order to take control over them and govern them themselves. I do not like how they belittle people that works for the government even though what they are doing is right (I can say a different thing over our government people over here anyway but this is anime!) and see them as dogs or toys of the coward government (which, in most cases, is true). Still, knowing Circus, I can see something in them that doesn’t let them become anything lower than the government themselves. Rather, they are the ones who operate independently and can even operate without the help of the government.

We get to learn more about the Circus. They have allergies. Okay, does this mean it’s a secret sickness or is this just a result of too much stress piling up missions after missions? Wait – they are allergic to things that is related to Varuga or parts/component from a Varuga and resulted for a transformation on Yogi’s case? Wow. You know how messed up this show is? It’s because they lack race consistency and still have a good rate of originality.

Don’t you dare give up, girl or I’ll be forced to sink down my already-sailed ship of you and Hirato, honey. Come on! Even if I am a fujoshi inside, I still want someone like Hirato to be Tsukumo’s partner from time to time (but Jiki’s second on the list). Yes, you should never think of negative thoughts and think about your promise to Nai that you’ll be back alive.

The more Nai understand a human emotion, the more he understands Gareki. I mean, his means of understanding humans is through understanding Gareki. When Gareki asked if he understood what they talked with Araki-sensei, Nai stated he did while his own reasoning was filled of how he understood Gareki and what he feels. That kind of turned my fujoshi mode on unexpectedly.

Karneval Episode 9 -  (39)

“I wonder if everyone gets involved in dangerous things because I’m with them.” – Nai

Oh my goodness, did a character just hit the jackpot or what? Nai, you are absolutely an unconscious genius by birth!

And… And… Tsukumo-chwaaaaaaaaaannnn!!! D8

//forever in despair.

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