“We’re both members of the lowest stratum of society.” Oregairu Ep 12 Img 0015

Oregairu Ep 12 Img 0024This was quite a rough episode for Hikigaya. He took charge of his duty in his own way, by wanting to be true to himself like Yukino and ruthlessly went all out reading Sagami aloud since she is an open book to him. Of course, nothing good came out of it because while he was doing his job/helping out he was the one who ends up getting hurt in the process. He already had a bad reputation amongst his class of his ‘horrible/revolting’ personality, and now it has spread like wildfire across the school because Sagami had broken down during her speech. Regardless of so, she freaked out just as much during the Opening Ceremony, only now she is crying in public to gain sympathy. Heck even Hayama who was always trying to be friends with everyone, seems to have decided to cut all ties with Hikigaya… not that they were “friends” in the first place. It was merely one-sided on his part as Hikigaya had no interest in him whatsoever. Either way, it sucks big time for Hikigaya to wound up in the limelight only to showcase his negative reputation.
Oregairu Ep 12 Img 0022Yukino surprised us with the fact that she actually thinks highly of her sister and desires to be like her. She also even went up to her and asked a favor to help them buy Hikigaya and the others some extra time to find Sagami. And on top of that, I was even more surprised to see that Yukino was singing with Yui! That said, the performance was really cute and enjoyable to watch and I’m glad that Hikigaya was able to watch it- but it was really sad to see him feel so down.
Overall there isn’t really much to discuss for this episode, but it was really good. I give props to Hikigaya for having the courage to go straight out and speak of the truth despite the fact it is considered to be the worst possible thing to be said in such situation.


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