Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 88 -  (18)

“I happen to love gambling. I always roll high.” – Knov


Gon and Killua continued their training with Bisky and Knuckle for the remaining days and somehow achieved another level of Ren somehow but with no assurance that they will able to defeat Knuckle. Shoot showed himself up and was revealed that he have something planned for our two kids in the shadows.

The Punitive group is also continuing their move for their mission but then, Chairman Netero believes that he has to sacrifice someone in order to make the mission successful?


Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 88 -  (3)One thing is for sure about the previous episode: Knuckle is on our heroes’ side. I mean, based on his personality towards that dog, it was totally expected by everyone that he’s someone strong and has a good heart towards those people with solid will at heart. Thus, the reason of Shoots on tempering with their daily routine (well, about-to-be daily routine) surfaces for Shoots is someone who knows Knuckle best. It may seem that a month is a total exaggeration that the Chairman for the two kids but as expected, they would still try to reach their aim within the said time limit at full speed. I am excited to see how the power development goes overboard in this one. If it does, I might ditch this show if it wasn’t for Palm and Bisky.

I am surprised on how interesting Morel’s students are compared to Palm as Knov’s student. I mean, even how the narrator said those adjective sentence concerning Shoot, I almost rolled on the floor due to too much laughter (I am sitting on the floor while facing my dear laptop, by the way, so it was rather a close to a chance on happening). At least, these two will be of great help for both Gon and Killua’s power growth. I just need to know if there’s any way for Shoot to fight against our two heroic kids. With ten days left, it is close to impossible and to add that both the assassins that they must get the tokens from are with a complicated personality, it might even not gonna happen… and fun! And if only Bisky would stop thinking about her escape every time. LOL

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 88 -  (25)

And Palm! My dear lovely and cute Palm. How I love her way of calming herself in a kitchen while staring at a kitchen knife in her hands just to retaliate her assessment concerning their current situation and with the kids’ training. And Gawd, her fangirling mode is totally adorable. It is just like me! Aside from her gloomy side which is too far from my actual personality but still I find her a really good character.

The warping technique that the Punitive group is using for their mission is really cool. Especially the use of the thick fog to camouflage the attack is kind of really wise but I doubt it will work against the higher ranked Chimera Ants but would be fun to find out. Also, Chairman Netero received a happy time of doing some exercise.

Now that the third Royal Guards of the Chimera King has finally awakended, the people are ready for the grand party but. Youpi? What a cute name for a cute ro—okay, don’t mind me. Plus, that badass violin-playing should be sent out for a contest or something. Also, Kite. KITE. This will be heartbreaking for Gon. Q_Q I cannot imagine.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 88 -  (28)

“I’m not sure I can accomplish this mission without sacrificing someone.” – Chairman Netero

That sounded really dangerous knowing it was Netero who said the words. Now, that even made me more excited to see how this arc will go.

PS: OMYGAWDD I saw some action! Yay!