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First Impression:
Out of all the Summer sequels, it’s Senki Zesshou Symphogear G that I am probably walking into with the lowest possible expectations. Why? Well I covered the first season and I have mixed opinions about it- to the extent I have no interest whatsoever to watch the first season ever again. However sometimes sequels can turn out better than the first, so I felt obliged to check out how the sequel will turn out- of course this time, I went into this episode with extremely low expectations. How it did it turn out?
Senki Zesshou Symphogear G Ep 1 Img 0002It was surprisingly good. There were plenty of noticeable improvement such as the songs (where I wasn’t cringing like I had last season), the animation (not to mention it looks like they touched up the style a bit) and the kick off. Well last season’s kick off was good, but now it ultimately comes down to whether they can remain the constancy of both the pace and the animation quality (which had a handful of blunders last season). The start of the episode was seriously creepy. My god, I swear if I had watched this at some point late at night or early morning like 3am, I would be spooked. The song was eerie, the situation was ominous. Actually scratch that- it was pretty messed up. I can’t tell whether the girl who had that bloody face- a sign of having most likely sung that uhh… what was it called…… ah yes, the Swan Song. As a recap, the Swan Song is basically the girls’ trump card, but it comes with a fatal price as it will basically destroy the singer. however in the finale last season, Hibiki sung it and survived (but I never really figured out how it that happened. It was either she either didn’t finish it, or it had no effect on her because of the ‘union’ with Tsubasa and Chris).
Oh brother, I went back to give myself a recap of how things started and ended last season and I completely forgot about the fact Ryoko had identified herself as “Finè”. With that in mind, the new enemies call themselves the same things- but uses that name for their organization or whatever. Much like Finè, Maria (at the very least, we don’t know whether the others can do the same) has complete control over the Noise and their mission is to destroy the world/take over the world (watch me as I roll my eyes), and here we go again.
Senki Zesshou Symphogear G Ep 1 Img 0032It looks like the villains are basically going to be the “dark” version of our heroines- starting with “Dark” Gungnir (black/red) which is the reflection of Hibiki’s “Light: Gungnir (orange/white). If they do go down the route- I am going to be quite frankly annoyed because god damn it! What a lack of originality! The only probable difference would be that it isn’t going to be a bloodless fight like you’d in see in Precure and other fluffy magical girl shows and there are definite risks of characters dying. Of course in the end, I wouldn’t be surprised if ends up with fluffy rainbows and friendships- because that’s how it always is when we’re watching these kinds of battles. I do sincerely hope that they prove me wrong though. Again, I am seriously going into this with extremely low expectations.
Senki Zesshou Symphogear G Ep 1 Img 0022Lets talk about Maria. Oh man, isn’t she one hell of a bitch? She isn’t afraid to show it either. What a slap in the face for Tsubasa to have to perform a duet without realizing that her guest’s real intention. From Attacking the audience, to boldly revealing her abilities to the world- indeed she intends to be Queen of the World. Those who idolized her, well they certainly won’t anymore, instead they will fear her or god forbid worship her (something I can see happening) because of her powers. We don’t know why she wants to “bring the end” aka destroying the world (or at least 99% of the time that’s what it means), but we’ll find that out eventually. What we do know is that the opener, it looks like she is in a laboratory where they do that testing for the whether the girls can resonate or something with the relics. Something tells me that ominous skull-like relic the bloodied girl was holding may be part of Solomon’s Cane or an entirely different relic. However what really strikes me is that is may be a dangerous relic that will consume the user if used much like the Swan Song itself if the user is not powerful enough to wield it (or it’s just plain deadly to begin with).
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Overall strong start, and definitely an attention grabber- but that’s how it was last season so because I am being wary about it, I am not particularly excited. However despite that, I am going to try blogging this- but mind you I am being very picky this season because of my wrists. If I can’t find the momentum/motivation to cover this till the end- you can count on me to drop it. I’ll do what I can, but it is ultimately up to how the show turns out.
Oh and one late note: That white haired guy is cray cray. He’s probably still alive after that ambush too.
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