“Help me…”

Pict133 Summary

Touma visits Kuroko, and ends up discovering notes on the Level 6 Shift hidden inside Misaka’s big stuffed bear, deciding to stop the the scheduled death of Misaka Imouto. On the way to the experiment site, Touma comes across Misaka, who tells him that she plans to intentionally get herself killed by Accelerator in an attempt to disrupt and cause an anomaly in the experiment.


Pict104It’s been so long! Actually, it’s only been a week, but it feels like forever – now that I’m back to following the regular schedule, I don’t have a heap of Railgun eps just waiting to be watched xD A new episode also means more Kuroko! I get to hear her wonderful voice once more, and this time she’s mostly insulting Touma, who’s come to visit. Two sides of Kuroko were displayed this week – the standard, terribly perverted side, and the worried, serious side. While she originally just passed off Touma as a useful tool to help her onee-sama build an “immunity” against men (LMAO WHAT) I think she realized pretty quickly that Touma knew something about Misaka’s issues. And even then, she decided to nobly stick to her decision to wait for Misaka – I found that Judgment armband falling down very symbolic of her determination. Either way, it won’t be fun for both Misaka and the Sisters if Kuroko ever finds out that there are over 10,000 copies of onee-sama running around…she’ll probably enslave one or something. As for Touma, he’s gone from witnessing the death of MISAKA 10031 to finding out everything about the experiment – from Misaka’s lab burning plans to the date and time of each Sister’s scheduled death. Misaka Imouto (10032) is scheduled for 20:30 this evening. Oh shit.

Pict122It was clear that Misaka’s still beating herself up over the entire ordeal – ever since she found out about the experiments, she’s been trying to atone in some way. She’s tried blowing up all the laboratories, fighting Accelerator, and even attempted to destroy Tree Diagram, all of which failed in some way. And now she thinks the only way to repent is to kill herself, through attempting to fight Accelerator and losing on the first turn (as opposed to after 185 moves as predicted by Tree Diagram). It’s true that killing one person to save another 10,000 lives is debatable, but is that guaranteed? Even if she did do that, I doubt it’d change the experiments too much – even though Tree Diagram was gone, the scientists still continued regardless of whether there was a supercomputer around to monitor everything. They’re 10,000 clones in, so only a massive change in things would force them to re-evaluate the situation. Something like…a measly Level 0 defeating the strongest Level 5 in Academy City 😀

“There’s absolutely nothing you can do. Don’t just spew your petty words and ideals…you make me sick!”

Misaka was so precious there at the end ;_; She was evidently trying to play the villain earlier on, acting as if she was okay with the DNA-giving, the clone mass-producing and the murdering. And standing in the face of that is Touma’s idealism. Even in the Index series I’m conflicted over Touma – sometimes I have to admit that his urgent need to save someone just because he wants to is pretty annoying. He also has this bad habit of punching people (usually girls) to solve all his problems. But here…it was damn cool. I kinda admire him for that – standing his ground and taking a bit of Misaka’s pain, instead of using Imagine Breaker to deflect it all. That solid, unmovable conviction…it’s disgustingly idealistic, but I can’t say I disapprove xD Have you fallen in love with him yet, Misaka?