Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei – The Animation: [Episode 6]

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Asahina wins poster girl for Danganronpa!! That’s just something I want to put out there before I get into the episode.

In episode 6, put bluntly, there was a lot of mind-fuckery going on – for the characters and myself. I had to replay a few scenes a couple times just to confirm that my thoughts and I were still on the right track with everything that was going on. I still think my speculations are a bit off but that’s for later.

Ten billion yen is Monobear’s lure of the week for someone to kill another. I never realized it then but now I’m getting the feeling that Monobear and his master know the characters’ varying weaknesses – the things they need and what would possibly make them want to go as far as killing someone.

Danganronpa 2Oh Sakura, my sweet honey, you’d be surprised at the things money can buy. I’m really loving Sakura in this. Her voice is so masculine but at the same time so feminine, she makes me laugh every time she talks and she is just really caring. Besides Asahina, who is the official crybaby of the group, Sakura is really considerate. I hope she won’t die because then having all that muscle would be such a waste.

Danganronpa 4Meet Alter Ego, artificial intelligence, which was created by Fujisaki so if any of you were fans of his character, he’s not completely gone – so there should be much rejoicing. Asahina discovered the laptop that Fujisaki left behind as an aid to help them find clues on how to escape the school and probably to uncover the identity of the mastermind behind this game.

Ishimaru was still grieving over the loss of Oowada but Alter Ego used what information it had on Oowada to simulate an image of him and comfort Ishimaru with what Oowada would have likely said in the situation. But the comforting words were too much for Ishimaru and that made him undergo a very strange transformation.

Danganronpa 3 So it seems Oowada’s fiery spirit has entered Ishimaru and now he no longer identifies himself by his name. Yamada fell in love with Alter Ego since this is the “first girl” he’s ever spoken to and who has shown a genuine interest in his interests and hobbies. I think Yamada has forgotten the fact that Fujisaki is actually a boy…and that this is artificial intelligence and as Celeste said, it’s only interested so it can learn more. Yamada and Ishimaru had a fight over Alter Ego: Yamada wanted A.E. for love and Ishimaru wanted A.E so that he could at least have the digital version of Oowada with him.

But then the computer disappeared and then murders happened.


…so I thought.

Danganronpa 7The only real victim in this was Ishimaru and I think he needed to die – and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Oowada’s death was too much for him to handle, we see that with the overbearing level of guilt he felt and the melodramatic change of character when artificial Oowada spoke to him. It was for the best, Ishimaru. At least now, he can be with him…as long as there is an afterlife.

Now about these murders. There weren’t too many clues but for now, I’ll just take the glarlingly obvious ones and try to make an educated guess about who the murderer(s) is/are.

The first person to be injured was Celeste, she only received a few bruises to the face, so my guess is that the killer did not have her as a real target. Yamada was attacked and received an open wound to the head but it wasn’t too bad as the second time he was attacked; which means he was on the killer’s target list – as was Ishimaru.

I cannot take this photo seriously
I cannot take this photo seriously. Yamada’s face is too hilarious xD

So the killer is either a terrible cosplayer or just didn’t have any other costume of disguise to go about his/her’s business.

Kirigiri and Hagakure were missing for the second half of the episode when these murders were committed. Togami believes that Kirigiri could be the murderer and had an alibi. But I’m not too sure I agree with that. It makes sense though but I don’t believe Kirigiri would kill someone – what with her care throughout these investigations and her detachment from the other characters, it just doesn’t seem likely.

The bodies had been moved and put into the same room. Celeste, Yamada and Ishimaru were attacked on different floors. That would be TOO MUCH work for one person, so the murders were probably committed by two persons working together. If it was only one person, there is no way that all that he/she did could be done without anyone seeing or trying to stop him/her.

At the end, Yamada whispered Hagakure’s name and also mentioned having met everyone before they all came to the academy. It seems everyone knew each other from before but that memory is hard to recollect.

So is Hagakure the murderer? Maybe that’s why he hit Yamada a second time, in hopes of killing him, because he recognized him. Also, when Monobear mentioned that ten billion yen, his expression really spoke volumes – as if he could really use that money…and probably kill somebody for it.

But the next episode will tell: whether Hagakure is the Justice Robot cosplayer/murderer or if Kirigiri was involved in what could have been a double murder.




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