“It’s so peaceful.”



They never did end up studying, did they…even after all the trouble it took for them to get permission 😀 Not that the dorm supervisor has to know, of course. Everything really is peaceful now – so peaceful that I’m struggling to write this post! While I’m sure it won’t last, especially with the constant references to that little girl in the OP, Misaka needs a bit of a break for now. If Saten-san can stop teasing her about the cookies, that is xD All hell would have broken loose if Kuroko found out Misaka was being all tsundere and baking cookies for a guy…and she’s already trying to make her drink fresh turtle blood (wtf?) Kuroko’s just crazy over Misaka though, it’s amazing how radically different she is to the other Tokiwadai students – or maybe she just doesn’t like Kongou. I love how she treats her with such obvious disdain 😀 I didn’t even know Tokiwadai (as high-class as it is) allows its students to keep giant snakes as pets.

It looks like the Sisters might have a bright future to look forward to. I didn’t know they’d been forcibly aged from zygote to teenager in just two weeks… with that sort of drug-induced growth rate, I’m wondering if it’s even possible to recover their lifespan. At any rate, Heaven Canceller (the frog-faced doctor) should be their best bet. And they might be able to live normal lives outside Academy City, where they can see more of the world (and run a lower risk of running into Shirai Kuroko).

It was nice to see Frenda and Mugino turn up again, if only for a short while. At least their meeting with Misaka was slightly more amicable this time. As in…they weren’t trying to kill each other. Kuroko clearly had no idea who Mugino was…the irony being that it was Misaka who nearly lost her life the last time they met, even though she was faced with overwhelming odds at the time. Anyway, I didn’t know the Meltdowner secretly buys and hides erotic lingerie. Seems like all the Level 5’s really are insane 😀