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Synopsis: It’s the night before the Mai High Festival. Keima and Chihiro are alone on the roof of the school. Chihiro seems confused by Keima’s behavior, but he continues with his conquest. But as Keima makes his move, Chihiro says something unexpected.


 I was going to start this post with a hate filled rant focused on Keima and his, to be quite honest, stupid tactics. But, after finishing the episode in its entirety and taking a nice, cold shower, I’ve come to the conclusion that, whilst Keima could have handled the Chihiro situation much better, he didn’t have any other choice. You’ve got to remember that Kanon’s life is on the line here, he really doesn’t have any other choice. Chihiro’s romantic feelings for him, no matter how real they are, are nothing in comparison to someones life. That’s just the way it is. And if remember your first time watching the first episode (of the first season) like I do, then you’ll be feeling the exact same way I do now; the reality of the situation has finally dawned on Keima and it hurts.

 All these girls he’s been conquering, all these girls that have fallen in love with him and allow him to ‘fill their hearts’, they’re still there, all of them constant reminders of the bond once shared. Episode 9 shows us Keima at his weakest moment, the once strong and pragmatic ‘God of Conquest’ realizing that is isn’t just a game. The lyrics in the OP read: “I know it’s not a game anyone”… well, I guess you could say truer words have never been spoken? The Goddesses Arc is held in such high regard because it’s the first time we get to see the ramifications of Keima’s action taking affect and it’s also the first time we’ve seen some real character development as a whole. Everyone is in a bad way at the end of this episode, Tenri being Keima’s only reprieve from the reality of the situation.

 It’s f*cked up.

 And there’s nothing Keima can do about it other than soldier on and hope for the best outcome; like always.

 Before I continue with my fan-boy rhetoric, we should probably address the episode as a whole; a quick rundown, if I may. The animation in this episode, once again, failed to impress… that said, it was much better than it’s been for the last few episode and when I can watch an episode without noticing aesthetic flaws, that’s always a bonus. The fireworks looked great and the visual affect of the ‘kiss scene’ left me in the midst of hyper-induced serotonin and squeals… until Keima f*cked it up by making Chihiro cry…

 Oh! And before I forget… that OST… f*ck me, that’s nostalgic. You can’t even begin to fathom how hearing these pieces again makes me feel, although I guess if you watched the first and seconds seasons along side me you know exactly how I’m feeling right now. If this series excels in anything, it’s its soundtrack. I can’t even… there are no words… I’ll be eighty years old and on my deathbed and I’ll hear this song and I’ll cry because these are the sounds that are now intertwined with my sixteenth year of life… I’m sure you understand. The OST is comical, it’s heartbreaking, it’s thought evoking and it’s, quite simply, beautiful.  I could go on all night, writing my dissertation on sound induced nostalgia, but alas, I have to get up early tomorrow morning to go suit shopping…

 But I digress.

 Episode 9 of The World God Only Knows was so much more than just your average episode. It takes the series formula and redefines it. There is no happy ending for Chihiro after her kiss. Keima is seemingly confused by the prospect that someone might actually love him (and won’t/can’t forget it), Tenri is putting her needs aside (as usual) and is trying to make Keima smile and Elsie… Elsie you’re so freaking cute! I just want to snuggle your little anime cheeks all night long… and, surprisingly, not in a sexual way… she’s more of the little sister type, y’know? I’m sure Keima understands…

 We should also probably talk about the Weisss and the whole Vintage ordeal… I honestly have no idea… I can’t even begin to fathom what’s going on. And what’s the deal with that homeroom teacher? Oh! And for all of you who didn’t read the manga, that little girl with the binoculars was one of Keima’s conquests (one that was never given an anime arc, mind you), a conquest from which a loose soul was never procured… that’s all I’ll say… because it’s all I know. I think it’s great that they’re giving this ‘side character’ (really, the homeroom teacher wasn’t even that… she was more of a prop, a piece of background artwork) a larger part in the story, I really hope they actually involve her in the series and don’t leave her scenes in there as a ‘prelude to the next season’, no, that would just be a piss take.

 To conclude, Tenri is cute and Keima is f*cked. As it stands now, Keima’s going to have to go through a lot if he wants to fix this and end the series on a good note with all the girls… wait a minute… what happened to Haqua?!

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  1. demoncptn

    I think it’s safe to say my favorite season will remain the first, but I enjoyed this episode. The fact is, in a lot of anime/manga, and generally fictional stories, we assume the hero can do whatever, like if smashing a building saves the girl, then it’s ok. But TWOGK makes us look at the aftermath, especially when you have someone like Keima, who thinks the world really is ideal and his actions won’t have consequences.

    1. Chris

      It’s refreshing and yes, you’re absolutely right, for Keima this is one massive reality check. In the past it has always been (part one) Kiss Girl, (part two) Move On. From the very first moment we see him realize that these girls can remember him he’s conflicted, he himself having made a connection with each of the girls as time went on. But now he’s hurting these girls, these girls with whom he made a connection and the nice, neatly packaged, plan he made out for himself is going to sh*t. It’s going to be an interesting next few episodes and hopefully we’re going to get to see some more awesome character development.

      • Chris.
      1. demoncptn

        I can’t remember if you said you’d read the manga (I think you have), but if you’re caught up, you know this isn’t the only realization Keima has about his “methods”!

        I’m less excited for the anime, mainly because of the level of quality it’s had so far, but I like seeing it, just as a transition from the manga (honestly loved the first season so much that it makes me yearn for anime-TWOGK over the manga).

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