Galilei Donna Episode 2

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First it was Sky Pirates and next up are the Corrupted Police Force, and a Galileo Geek who are all determined to get their hands on Galileo’s seventh sketch (or blueprint you could say), of his Inheritance: Galileo Tesoro. We have no idea what this is, but all we know that it’s something that everyone wants to get their hands on. Worst of all, not even the Galileo descendants themselves know anything about which is kind of ironic in a sense because they are so famous just by being his descendants!
Galilei Donna Ep 2 Img 0014Right from the start of this episode I didn’t trust Anna, but I do trust her a bit more than the police force and Roberto himself (who is terrifying btw). The Sky Pirates are also more appealing since the captain had no intentions of harming their family, and was merely bluffing. I do look forward to seeing them again, and I am also curious about Anna’s motives as well and whether she is someone they can trust or will she end up betraying them once they do find Galileo Tesoro. However at the same time, it’s thanks to her that we even know about the bloody inheritance that has been up in the air as a mystery object since last week. I genuinely hope that we will start getting more solid answers as we press forward into the story rather than solely creating more questions without giving answers. There has to be a balance, otherwise it’s just going to drive us all insane.
Galilei Donna Ep 2 Img 0021Hozuki is clearly the key of the show. She doesn’t like the way her family had drifted apart and are so disconnected to each other. She wishes to go back to the time when they were all together again. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the whole family will be altogether as it appears that Sylvia has shot and killed (it’s still in the air whether she shot herself or not), and the odds are slim for their father to get out alive when we have already seen how ruthless Roberto is. She told us in the beginning that she desires to go to Japan with her family, and that the reason why her Goldfish ship is armed is because she wanted to take precautionary measures against Sky Pirates. Another fact is that she had found the blueprint in the attic and started building it three years ago in secret. It will be interesting if perhaps Hozuki had found or even built the Galileo Tesoro without even realizing it at some point or another, but I would say that she most likely seen the seventh sketch but didn’t realize how valuable it was at the time.
Galilei Donna Ep 2 Img 0030We didn’t learn much about either of her two elder sisters this episode, but we were able to learn that Kazuki in particular was frustrated with the fact she was always the one having to go out to find Hozuki who would wound up lost. Kazuki also shown that she is talented in martial arts, and when she attacked the official, it was absolutely glorious.
Hozuki’s Goldish Mobile Suit WAS FREAKING ADORABLE I LOVE IT, IT’S SO CUTE!!! It was ridiculously adorable to watch her walk through the gunfire and just waltz her way into the prison and break her family before switching places with her father.
Finally to wrap things up, it’s sad to see that Hozuki’s goldish probably didn’t survive in the end despite her attempts to get it into a new bowl of water. RIP Hozuki’s Goldish.


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