Galilei Donna Episode 3

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Galilei Donna Ep 3 Img 0006The sisters’s relationship are quite, how should I put it… in pieces. Kazuki had just about had it with all this drama and the chase, not to mention they are now under warrant for their arrest. While I see her just taking out her anger and high strung emotions against Hozuki, I also feel that there is a bit of jealousy is the air as well. When emotions run high and put under a stressful situation, we tend to act more rashly and/or become more sensitive about everything. The keyword today was the smell of Oil. Kazuki had constantly repeated that point time and time again, complaining about it at every opportunity she has. She was especially ticked off by the idea that they would have to get rid of their cellphones (because AdmiMoon can track them down) because her crush’s photograph is on it.
Galilei Donna Ep 3 Img 0026Then there’s Hazuki, who is the eldest that not breaking down under the overwhelming circumstances, and is looking for a solution. She had also voiced the the evadible truth that giving Roberto the Moon Sketch Anna had just found in the telescope/container (whichever it is, I think it’s container now… at first I thought it was a telescope but I digress) would not solve their problems. She also made some efforts to try and comfort Kazuki, letting her know that Hozuki was thinking of the family when she built the ship, but in the end it only irked Kazuki even more.
Galilei Donna Ep 3 Img 0032Hozuki has made up her mind and is determined to find out and get a hold of the Galileo Tesoro before the enemies do. She also seems to be quite familiar with the hidden texts on Galileo’s sketches as the one she has right now of the moon and it’s like her own little secret since it looks like she hasn’t told anyone. We don’t know yet whether this text is related to the Galileo Tesoro, but Hazuki brought up Galileo Trivia for Anna to talk about, but it turns out to be valuable information for Anna to know since there are hints of information from Galileo’s life on his sketches- the first one is the music written at the bottom of the Moon Sketch. So the Galileo Trivia will be a starting boost to start their hunt for the Galileo Tesoro.
Galilei Donna Ep 3 Img 0002It’s no surprise to hear that Adni Moon was behind the attacks at the Methane Hydrate mining plant. Just from what we have seen in the past two episodes, it was clear that this corporation plays dirty, and it’s no surprise that they would put the blame on the Sky Pirates. It also turns out that the girls’ mother is not dead, but she is suffering an amnesia and doesn’t remember anything about her family, which Messier intends to take full advantage of the present circumstances.
Honestly speaking, I can’t say I am a huge fan of how things having been playing out- pace wise. It feels like it’s all over the place, bits of information here and there, but there’s also those inevitable gaps that tends to make some scenes disconnected to one another. I can’t explain it in detail because I’m not entirely sure how to with this matter, but that’s just how I feel. This could be deliberate, or it’s not because we are for a fact getting pieces of information each episode. The question is, is that information enough for us to get an idea or rather a sense of direction. It is quite difficult to keep track of what’s going on, hell if I wasn’t taking notes I can assure you I probably would be having a difficult time understanding what’s going on.
In the end, it’s up in the air whether I feel comfortable writing about it without having to get a headache of trying to keep track of what’s going down. Today’s episode wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. I have a lot of mixed feelings about the show, but I do see a potential and hopefully it can live up to that. So if I don’t write an entry next week, it means I am dropping this.


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