Golden Time Episode 4: Crossing the Line

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Golden Time Ep 4 Img 0017Kaga crossed the line today, we just saw the ugliest part of her-  being a major bitch to anyone she considers a threat that will get in the way of her happy ending with Mitsuo- in this case it was Oda. Despite the fact Kaga did feel terrible after that, it’s clear after hearing she had done that a lot over the years shows that she has no self-control over her possessive nature. That was when Mitsuo had enough of her behaviour, especially when Oda did not do anything wrong and decided that he will make it clear that he has no intentions of dating, let alone marrying Kaga. While it was expected, I was still taken aback at just how delusional Kaga was the entire discussion, clinging to the argument that they were soul mates, they were destined to get married, he’s the only one for her, it’s fate to the point it made her look pathetic. Mitsuo told her that yes, she will always be special to him, but just because she is ‘special’ does not mean he romantically loves her. He told her straight out that he is likes Oda, and he wants to date her. Their past is irrelevant.
Golden Time Ep 4 Img 0022Thankfully Kaga didn’t do anything suicidal despite the fact she said she wanted to die though it may have been thanks to NANA the rocker (yes, the reference was real, and I laughed out of in delight) who smacked down two free tickets to her concert telling her, “If you’re going to die, die by music”. It did help Kaga though, it allowed her to act a bit crazy but also just let it out a bit despite getting herself kicked off stage. They later retreated to Banri’s place where the two talked it out, Kaga was able to come to terms and understand that what Mitsuo had said was true, she was only thinking about herself and was never truly thinking about his feelings. I am glad she was able to acknowledge that within this episode, otherwise surely it would have ended up messy. Banri was able to help relate to her a bit about his amnesia as he pointed that his family are waiting for his own personality to come back, but he doesn’t necessarily want that to happens since his present self would disappear.
Golden Time Ep 4 Img 0034I have mixed feelings about Banri having confessed to Kaga this episode, especially with the whole rejection matter on the plate. he admitted that it probably wasn’t fair of him to say that, but at the same time, perhaps it was a good thing because Kaga will know that at least someone has her in their heart. However it looks like things will get ugly and perhaps they will be addressing Banri’s amnesia’s storyline sooner than I had initially anticipated since he sensed familiarity with the way Linda had spoken to him and later when he had returned home to visit and look through his high school album, he finds a picture of him and Linda together. We still don’t know what kind of relationship they had, but if it turns out that Linda was his girlfriend, man- drama will ensue shortly.
Extra Tidbits: Turns out the people who tricked Banri and the other the students last week had infiltrated the school were not students from there and have been bothering other schools in the area as well. What a shady group, thank god Linda had found them and let them seek refugee at the University Seminar with the Festival Club.


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