Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Episode 2

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Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 2 Img 0039I was caught by surprise how Satomi/Akira centric the episode was as we learned about their history and why Satomi bears so much guilt on his shoulders. It sucked a lot to see that Akira was only trying to help her brother by hacking into the school system and getting a hold of the entrance exam in order to help relieve the pressure he is under by their family. Even worse, when she was bullied in school, Satomi did nothing and turned a blind eye each and every time he happened to come across her being abused by the other students. I never liked Satomi much because he has always been a useless and annoying guy who complains all the time, but even after this of having learned his past, it honestly didn’t change how I feel about him too much. Sure I pity the guy, I mean the pressure their parents were putting him under was overwhelming, but other than that, I am glad that at least he was bale to be fucking useful for an exchange after he stupidly answered the ‘call’ that gave away their location to the Dorssian army. I am also a bit happy to see that at least Akira and Satomi will be on better terms now.
Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 2 Img 0008Marie was never in the spotlight too much last season, nor has she been in the last week’s episode, but this week we learned that she has no memories. Of what exactly, I am left to assume her family since she was telling Akira that to her, it’s better to have some bad memories than none at all. She hopes by returning to Earth she will be able to recollect some of the missing pieces. But now it isn’t just her memories, Marie had witnessed firsthand Haruto get wounded in the eye after the system exploded and then suddenly healed the next. Without a doubt she is going to be confronting Haruto about this next week, and I expect her to have mixed feelings about him keeping his Curse from Shouko. Of course at the same time, Shouko herself is keeping a secret and that’s her father is dead.

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I can’t be the only one who thought when the officers saw L-Elf, “LOL Here we go again” from S1 Ep 1.

In other news, we saw that our Valvrave Pilots are taking full advantage of their abilities of being able to bite others and take control of their bodies, which they used to gain permission to descend Earth through the rings from the Space Station. They also built a new ‘toy’ that can be used to their advantage to help face the overheating issue which the entire team was struggling against in particular this episode. The Valvraves overheating is a grave weakness that they need to cover, and without a doubt with the new tool is the first step to doing that.
After having strayed off from their designated path on landing in Ookuma district on former terrestrial JIOR territory, the team ends up landing on Dorssian soil which will only prove to be problematic. It appears that they aren’t too far from where L-Elf’s beloved Princess is because she was able to see them falling from the sky.
Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 2 Img 0019As whole, I did find this episode to be a tad boring, mainly because I could care less about Satomi. On the other hand I liked the highlights of their teamwork, how Haruto (obviously) wasn’t going to leave anyone behind. I look forward to Akira getting to know the group, especially because she’s so precious. I am glad that Shouko had asked Marie to look out for her since she too is a very nice girl. Oh and Akira going around in her SUNRISE box was the best and just too cute, not to mention her guts of going out taking the shield to defend the crew herself. YOU GO GIRL!


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