Miss Monochrome: [Episode 1]

Miss Mono 3Miss Monochrome is an anime short, that runs five minutes – four minutes if the end credits is excluded. According to the setting of this show, it’s about Mono wanting to live in her monotone monochrome style, and transforming the world to her favorite monochrome color because she dislikes all things non-monochrome…

But the first episode doesn’t seem to be working off of that premise just yet – probably it’s a sub-plot that will appear later down during this anime’s run.

Miss Mono 4This person, who apparently only passed out during an incident that includes fire has been separated from Monochrome and she must become a popular idol in the hopes of reuniting with the chick in the above picture.

It begins with two main characters at first, Miss Monochrome and Mana, a cute girl Monochrome took in after saving her from under the bridge. Monochrome has lived as an idol all her life and stacked up on her riches, living in her castle quite comfortably that seems isolated from the world. Mana lives there as some sort of caretaker since she feels indebted to Monochrome and will do anything she asks of her.

Monochrome wants to be popular and asks Mana for advice on how to be a popular idol. First, she would need an agent, as Mana tells her and she appoints Mana for the job as manager after her eager volunteer speech.

Miss Mono 2This cute, little thing then asks Monochrome for 19.3 billion yen.

And disappears.

The rest of the episode passed me by because I was laughing too hard, so I had to rewatch the episode. After the con artist’s disappearance, Mono is evicted from her castle since she gave most of her fortune to Mana and with only her robot pet, Rui, she takes to the streets because she is homeless. She bumps into a convenience store manager and “asks” for a job, which is given to her immediately.

Miss Mono 1On the bright side, this is one small step for Mono to work herself up and get some cash, maybe learn about the world and the many hypocrites who will try to con her – as Mana did.

I’m not surprised that she was so easily fooled. She practically seemed like a recluse when she had her castle – maybe after making all her fortune she retired from being an idol; which is why she isn’t as popular now as she probably was then. She’s naïve, gullible and very vulnerable and I’m not sure if she’s a robot (because of her trippy vocals) or actually human who is just dull because of this monochrome love.

She brought some amount of contrasts in the episode with her futuristic style to the more modern setting of the town and it may take her a while to adjust to this whole setting. But she seems like she may fit it in…or not.

I liked the first episode; mainly because it gave me such a huge laugh. I really like the comedy of it and usually I don’t like narration, but it actually fits; telling Monochrome’s story. I think this will have more monologue than dialogue, since this might stay in Monochrome’s perspective and she doesn’t seem like the conversational type – except with Rui, who cannot speak excepting for his boop-beep responses and…robotic purrs.

So this is about Miss Monochrome, who monologues with a monotone voice, living in her own monochrome world but wants to be an idol so she can reunite with the character she got separated from.

Possibility of blogging: Sure.

Miss Mono 5

The ED!! How could I forget the awesome ED! I really enjoyed it, and the little dance?? It is fantastic. Maybe it’s too early to say this, but I really think I’ll enjoy this anime.

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2 Responses

  1. Mekem says:

    Holy crapo, that was the biggest laugh I’ve had from an anime short in a while. Never trust a girl named Mana.
    Had no expectations from this at all, but now, I’m definitely giving this a fair chance.

    • charlmeister says:

      The comedy was spot-on; and that’s exactly the reason why I’m willing to give this a shot xD So maybe that’ll be the main reason for most persons who watch this.

      Mana is con-artist >.> never trust the cute ones.

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